The Perfect Marriage of Ingredients and Finesse.

On the day when every last detail needs to be utterly beautiful and brimming with finesse, you can completely rely on us to provide exquisite food and exceptional service. Our earliest consideration is the kind of wedding you’re looking to realise. We’ve catered receptions in the form of spectacular garden barbecues, intimate and sophisticated cocktail affairs, lavish seafood buffets under marquees and sumptuous, black tie evening weddings in and around Melbourne. You may be planning your wedding reception at home, a historic property, an industrial space or on a rooftop; wherever it is, we can make the most of your backdrop

Wedding catering zucchini-Flowers


Everyone has a style

even a dream of how they imagine their wedding day and how the celebrations will be that follow the placing of the rings.  Let us bring your imagination and dreams together and place them on a plate for you to taste, savor and delight in so that you might have another moment, a delicious one and one that celebrates the symbolism of your union with your better half.


Tell us what you have in mind, what you love to eat.

If you need some inspiration, we can provide it and offer you menus to choose from whether you want an intimate sit-down meal with fine foods, intricate details that will excite all of your senses, or if you have a more casual gathering in mind, a garden barbecue kicking it off with amuse bouche and social finger foods.

Wedding Catering Melbourne

Wedding Catering Melbourne

We can help you choose your ideal venue and location and organize seating, service and the overall flow of how and when you want the food to be offered to your honored guests.  Regardless of where you with your first meal together as a couple, your backyard, a sophisticated historic property or on a rooftop, the setting will be perfect and organized to your own tastes and specifications.  All you need to do is let your imagination go, allow for the feeling you want to experience on your special day inspire you and we can do the rest.

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