World Wide Weird Coffee Experiences

/World Wide Weird Coffee Experiences

Weird Coffee Experiences, For the love of coffee, people tend to search for something interesting and at the same time something weird and wonderful. A crazy and different combination is something a coffee lover should try and experience without a doubt. There is something more than the usual milk and sugar that you can add to your favourite coffee. Take a diverse sip of your beloved coffee from all around the world, in addition you can cherish the experience.

Weird and Unusual Things about Coffee

Delicious Coffee Cups

We love sipping coffee from our favourite mug or cup, but in Alfred Coffee & Kitchen, Los Angeles they don’t just sip their coffee they can eat the coffee cups too. They put coffee in a waffle cone and dip it to chocolate. A milk chocolate lining keeps the coffee from leaking and at the same time adds a taste of chocolate to the coffee.

Coffee Cheese

A particular cheese from Finland called Kaffeost is perfect with a hot coffee. Just simply put some slices into your coffee, and the cheese will give a distinct and incredible taste to it.

Sea Salt Coffee

At Café Taiwan, they serve coffee that has the combination of sweet, salty and bitter tastes. The café sprinkles some salt on top of the coffee to enhance its natural sweetness. It improves the natural brew taste of the coffee too.

Coffee with Ice Cream

A perfect way to drink hot coffee is with a scoop of ice cream. It is the right way to get your sugar and milk correctly mixed with your hot, bitter, strong coffee. It is addictively delicious.

Egg Coffee

Egg yolk and condensed milk is thoroughly mixed and poured into a hot, bitter coffee. The combination of these ingredients is incredibly delicious, and it tastes like a custard flavoured coffee. It is popular in Vietnam, and many cafes serve it.

Blood Sausage in Coffee

Known as black pudding, this is an English comfort food. The blood sausage gives a complimentary creamy taste to coffee. The coffee aroma brought out the pleasant smell of the blood sausage which is very surprising.

Butter Coffee

Popular in Singapore, butter is added to coffee to give it a richer flavour and make you feel energised after sipping your way through a cup of it. It is often referred to as a bulletproof coffee, and everyone is buzzing around about its excellent taste.

Some coffee lovers prefer the usual coffee they love and for some they are brave enough to mix it with other ingredients. Whatever your preferences one thing is sure, we all like coffee and innovating a new taste is not such a bad thing. With the admiration of coffee all around the globe no wonder, each country offers a variance of flavours and the associated experiences. A unique and unusual coffee can catch the heart of a coffee lover.

What is your favourite weird coffee experience?

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