Winter Means Comfort Food and Comfort Food Means Dessert

/Winter Means Comfort Food and Comfort Food Means Dessert

Winter Desserts

We all love Winter desserts. when the winter months roll in we often rush for the covers and simply want to stay in bed all day long. Enjoying the warmth of out duvet is something that everyone can relate to but unfortunately the routine of work, cooking and chores doesn’t stop just because it gets a little colder. The winter weather can make it harder to motivate yourself to get to work or cook dinner and that’s where comfort food comes in.

Comfort food is there to warm the heart – both literally and metaphorically – so that you can feel good again after a miserable winter’s day. It is an indulgent experience and something to brighten the mood on often dark and gloomy days through winter. A tough day at work or simply a build-up of stress needs a little medicine and a beautiful dessert is the perfect prescription.

Australia’s food culture has been shaped by the diverse cultural influx of migrants throughout its history. The food culture timeline from HelloFresh outlines this and may lend a hand in identifying the origins of some of the winter desserts below.

I’m sure, when you think of a winter dessert, that there are a few that comes to mind in the form of puddings and soufflés and whilst these are great comforters there are also a few more desserts that can be the perfect indulgence on a cold winter evening.

Chocolate brownie

The chocolate brownie is a dessert classic for any time of year but especially in winter. The rich chocolatey goodness soothes the soul and is the perfect end to a long day at work. Beautiful with fresh fruit such as berries or ice cream, having a hot brownie by the fire is one way to release the stress and warm the heart in a way that will get you reading to power on through the rest of your week.

Crème brulee

Everyone loves custard and with a caramelised, sugary lid it’s sure to please everyone. These are a great comfort food due to their creamy texture and the novelty of cracking open the caramelised lid never gets old. The creamy delight that lays beneath then tops it off combining the crunch with smoothness in your mouth.

Self-saucing chocolate pudding

Another classic of the winter dessert range but one that never gets boring. Indulging in a rich chocolate pudding in winter is one of the most comforting food experiences going around. Served with ice cream and seeing the hot chocolate oozing out as you get stuck in is such a pleasing sight. Hot out of the oven these are incredibly moreish and one that will certainly brighten up your week and potentially have you enjoying the winter months a little more.

Fruit crumble

Enjoy the deliciousness of roasted fruits in a fruit crumble. One of the best things about a crumble is that it gives you licence to choose the fruits you want. Berries are often a great choice and a berry crumble is great in winter providing a wonderful jam-like consistency. A crumble is great for a larger group but can also be enjoyed on your own. This favourite Winter dessert is best served with ice cream that melts into the hot crumble.

Tim Tam Slam

Whilst this might not exactly be a dessert it certainly qualifies as comfort food. The Tim Tam Slam is an Australian classic and is a great way to wind down at the end of a long day. Sitting by the fire with a cup of tea or coffee is certainly not any ground-breaking activity but enjoying it with a Tim Tam Slam can be a fun and stress-relieving way to end your day. Simply bite the ends of the Tim Tam and suck your hot drink through the Tim Tam before quickly scoffing it down before it disintegrates. This is a classic part of Australian food culture and something that adds a little bit of fun to the classic tea or coffee and biscuits after dinner.

Ultimately, any hot Winter dessert is going to be a great comfort food through winter. The sweetness combined with the warmth creates a positive energy within us that helps to motivate us through our week. The above is just some of the more popular and simple options aimed at comforting our cold bodies through winter.

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