What To Consider When Hiring Caterers For Your Food Event

/What To Consider When Hiring Caterers For Your Food Event

If you have a food event you want to get to popularize with your clients, partners, and sponsors, you’ve got to make a good impression with the caterer you’re getting. This can be tricky, given there are a lot of caterers out there with their varying specializations and cuisine preference. Add this with the fact that your food event will need to adhere to your branding and other particular goals, and you might need food that isn’t just “delicious” but something that’s representative of your company’s desires. Just how can you meet caterers to meet these demands?

If you’re looking into caterers in general, it might help to see that the catering industry is doing well in recent years. This is thanks in part to organizations such as hospitals, senior living facilities, schools, and especially businesses continuously relying on outsourcing their foodservice needs. In terms of food events and even meetings, the presence of food and beverages do imply hospitality, which can then invite participation and cooperation amongst team members and attendees.

Beyond The Food: Choosing The Right Caterer

If you want to pull off the best food event to make an impact to your clients’ evenings, you might want to rely on caterers that understand just exactly what you want to pull off in terms of both food and branding. While caterers such as eliataverna are capable of pulling off such a feature for you, it might help to get to know a few more tips on hiring a caterer to provide you with the service you’re looking for:

  • Determine the sort of budget you’re allocating for food:

Planning an event is more than just food, even in a food event. There are things to think about such as staff, location, and other intricate parts of the event you just can’t ignore. Determine the kind of budget you’re willing to allocate for catering so you have a rough number you can work with.

  • Assess the kind of needs you have and the size of the event first:

Perhaps one of the most important considerations you’ll have is to make sure you’re aware of just what you need and how big the event is in the first place. How many people are you planning to serve? How big of an event is it? Is it a company event for your staff? Is it a fundraiser with other sponsors? Is it something in your niche that you’re supposed to organize? Try to assess the precise needs of your event first and foremost.

  • Location almost always determines the nature of the dishes:

Aside from your theme, the location has a lot to do with what sort of dishes are going to be offered by your caterers. While dishes by themselves can be flexible, trying to match it with the location can give your event the kind of “local” or “genuine” flavor it needs to match your event. Seafood offerings to a venue by the beach, for example, seems quite appropriate for an event, right?

  • See how flexible you need the menu to be:

See if there are special considerations you need to check when it comes to your catering menu. Are there allergies or certain preferences you need to take note of? What sort of dishes are your guests expecting? Try asking caterers if they had to change the menu suddenly at the very last minute to get a sense of their planning and creative problem-solving skills.

  • Determine the kind of branding you want your guests to see:

What sort of message do you want your branding to give to your audiences? What value or vision of your branding do you want your audiences to slowly realize? Determining this kind of message very early on can allow you to get to know what dishes can best represent these qualities. A cheerful vibe and atmosphere work best with a menu that has a lot of colors, or a more professional vibe fits with a more straightforward set of meals.

  • See if your caterers have handled your kind of event before:

If you have an event in mind, try asking the caterer if they’ve actually handled something of a similar nature before. What’s their menu like? Did the guests like it? Was the client content? Would they be able to give you contact for that client, so you can talk to them yourself? Sometimes getting first-hand feedback from clients of a similar nature can give you a gist to the kind of performance a caterer might give you.

  • Check their certification, and if they’re legitimate:

Another important matter you should take note of is to check if your caterers-to-be are actually certified and legitimate. This might be nitpicking, but it’s best to know you’re dealing with a legitimate enterprise so you know you’re in good hands if unexpected scenarios such as accidents happen. It’s also what you’re paying for — that these are the experts, using professional catering equipment, with proven efficiency, covered by insurance and practicing care.

  • The Bottomline: Catering Is Just Beyond Taste

Choosing a caterer for your food event is no easy feat, especially if you remember that your caterer is just providing more than food for your guests. A lot of people form impressions on companies and brands with the kind of catering service they hire and hiring someone capable of pulling off the kind of dishes you like to represent your brand should be the person you’re looking for. With the above in mind, you’ll likely have a much better shot of getting in touch with a caterer that will definitely meet your needs, not just in food but also in making sure your brand stays appealing to your consumers.

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