Top 5 Myths about Juice : Busted!

/Top 5 Myths about Juice : Busted!

Juice every day is good for you, right?

Well, there are many misconceptions when it comes having to consume juices every day and the way you have it.

Today, with the growing concern for health worldwide, there is larger need than ever to have the facts on your side when deciding what to put in your body.   

There are many preconceived notions that go around when it comes to having juice, and all of this rises because of the level of reliance people have on word of mouth and advertisements.

With all this being said, let’s demystify 5 of the most common myths that many have come to take as facts.

Everybody should have juice every day

Even though a glass of greens and fruits has enormous health benefits, not every combination of veggies is beneficial for everyone. A person should be cautious having juices specifically in cases of high blood sugar and other internal issues.

Highly concentrated sugar juices like – mango, pineapple, apple, orange, and others will cause blood sugar to shoot up. This is because through juicing sugar gets directly into a person’s bloodstream causing an immediate effect.

The only way other, this is limiting the juice intake having it more infrequently on a lesser basis. To know everything about juicing the right way, CLICK HERE!

Blenders are just as good as juicers

There are those who believe that blenders do just about anything. From mixing any type of vegetables to probably rocks, they can smooth out everything in existence in this world.

A key factor that people overlook is while a blender is indeed a very powerful tool, it chucks out important fibers, making it into a paste, which would be very helpful to clean out the walls of the intestine and over cleansing of the stomach.

On the other hand, a juicer separates the fibrous pulp, which can later be consumed and further helps in creating healthier juice. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Check out some more kitchen wisdom by following the link.

Isn’t a smoothie healthier than having juice?

Since there is an absence of fiber, its nutritional value is diminished as smoothies only aid faster abortions of sugars into the bloodstream.

Smoothies are great, but they serve more as a type of meal than add to the detoxing process which normal juicing would. This is because there is less effort being point by the body when consuming the smoothies and the digestive process does not get a scrub, which it normally would, with typical juicing.

Our digestive systems are strong, and it works without breaks

Like every other working machine, our bodies also work on the laws which science dictate i.e. with sufficient energy and rest, the machine runs for a longer period of time.

Necessary detoxification on a timely basis is needed so that the body can operate on optimum levels. That’s because the average lifestyle of a normal human being these days involves too much snacking and not enough clean food.

Bottled up juices are the same and just as healthy as fresh ones

Even though bottled juices are convenient, they are not the best when it comes to getting most out of your everyday intake.

The only exception to juices is having a cold-pressed juice, where a vacuum is used so that oxygen is not exposed and its nutritional values are not destroyed.

Even though ordinary juices have a lot of value, it is best when to have them the moment they are made. It’s because the moments of oxidation reduces more and more of the nutrition, which is present there in the fruits or vegetables.


From the above, it’s safe to conclude that people rely too much on word of mouth and marketing attempts by organisations.

The above-illustrated five myths work towards exposing and discrediting many preconceived notions that go around about the facts about juicing and what is the reality.

Hope you learned something new today. Till next time!

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