Ten Items Every Chef Needs in Their Kitchen

/Ten Items Every Chef Needs in Their Kitchen

Whether you’re a true chef or just a keen foodie who wants to recreate a restaurant kitchen in their own home, there are certain tools which are absolute essentials. Here are the ten items that absolutely every cook requires in their kitchen to prepare the very best food of all time.

1.A Chef’s Knife

If one tool can be said to be the foundation of the kitchen equipment, it’s a high-quality chef’s knife. This is used for most of the food preparation in your kitchen so it needs to be well-balanced and comfortable to use. A 10” knife is often the best choice for precision and speed.

2.A Peeler

You’re going to need to prepare lots of vegetables and fruits in your kitchen and a Y shape peeler is the best choice for speedy peeling while also making sure that your produce is clear and clean of all blemishes which could ruin your dishes.

3.A Mandolin

If speed is your goal, a mandolin can cut your preparation time in half. Although it won’t cut as precisely as a knife, it’s a brilliant way to julienne vegetables and cut French fries with ease. You can use it cut everything from eggs to tomatoes thanks to the different blades which can be switched out. This is another fundamental tool of kitchen equipment that you should invest in.

4.A Fish Spatula

If you’re cooking fish, you’re going to need a fish spatula. Similar to a car grill, it’s made from stainless steel for thinness and flexibility while its slight curve makes getting under a fish fillet a breeze during pan frying without damaging the fish. Lightweight and versatile, it can be used on meat and eggs too.

5.A Colander

Colanders are brilliant for straining pasta and for straining vegetables too. You can even use it as a scoop to remove veggies from water.

6.A Potato Ricer

Mashed potatoes are delicious on their own and are used as an ingredient in lots of other dishes. However, creating creamy, soft mash without it getting gooey can be difficult. A potato ricer helps you to get just the right texture.

7.A Meat Thermometer

You don’t want to poison your guests so make sure that you have a meat thermometer to hand. You can use it when barbecuing or when cooking in the oven to tell you the precise temperature of your food. This is a must have for kitchen equipment.

8.A Spice Grinder

Small and convenient, a spice grinder is a versatile tool which you’ll use over and over again. From grinding toasted spices to coffee beans, it’s a portable solution to getting lots of flavor.

9.A Mesh Strainer

You’ll need a mesh strainer to strain sauces and stocks in order to achieve the right texture. You can also use it when baking to strain flour and icing sugar so that you don’t have any unpleasant lumps. Whether you’re preparing gravy or custard, you’ll find that a mesh strainer avoids the clumpiness that so often occurs when making your own sauce and you’ll have the velvety texture that you’ve been seeking for a more professional finish.

10.A Cookware Set

Although cookware actually counts as several items in one, we’ve lumped them all together simply because the best ones come supplied together in a matching set. You need to choose a good quality cookware set with pots and pans in a range of shapes and sizes. A good cooking set made from ceramic is often the best choice thanks to its durability and high-quality construction, but you might want to consider the range of options out there. From copper infused pots and pans to non-stick varieties which make cleaning your cookware a breeze, a good quality cookware set will make sure that your food preparation is simpler and more effective than ever before.

These ten items are just a few of the essentials that you should absolutely invest in for your kitchen equipment. With these ten things, you’ll have the best chance of producing high quality cuisine for your friends and family and you’ll have all the basics for preparing delicious food for everyone. Of course, that’s not to say that there aren’t lots of other useful tools and pieces of kitchen equipment that will make your kitchen even better, however these are the absolute essentials for professional food preparation.

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