It’s All about Sausages

/It’s All about Sausages

Sausages are generally made of finely processed meat and housed in some type of skin casing. Certain versions of sausages are cooked while processing and others are raw. Sausages are preserved by means of curing, drying and smoking. According to history, they are one of the oldest prepared food items. Today, many nations have different varieties of sausages using their traditional and native ingredients. Here in Australia, sausages are usually made with beef, pork, and chicken meat and in recent times, some manufacturers have begun using kangaroo meat for it has lower fat content.

Popular Sausage Makers in Melbourne

Nino’s and Joe’s Meat is definitely not a newbie in the marketplace. The company has been offering quality meat products since 1984 in Victoria Street, Brunswick. Nino started butchering since the tender age of 15 years. You can actually tell that Nino has been a real master of his craft for quite a long time. In late 1980’s Fausto, partnered Nino in the business, he was his apprentice before becoming a business partner.

To continue the family tradition, in 2004 Nino’s sons Robbie, Peter and Anthony become Nino and Fausto apprentices and eventually become their partners. The rest of the staff of the company are family members or long-time employees. They have one particular standout commitment, and that is to serve their customers well and offer the best quality meat products for their gatherings.

Jonathan’s has been in the meat industry for a mere 36 years already and has become an important part of Melbourne’s foodie haven. When you talk about sausages one thing, that comes to your mind, are Jonathan’s sausages. They are sold all over Melbourne and for that matter all over Australia.

The company’s principal owners are Claude Barbon and Joe Mittica – they enjoy challenges and are willing to fullfil unusual requests from their beloved customers. They have a broad range of sausages that every foodie can choose from, just like the gluten free sausages for example.

You Could Make your Own?

“Sausage Queen” Sara Grazia from Sausages Made Simple has got things well and truly covered. If you have the urge to make your own sausages, it is well and truly possible to achieve this. Italians have been making sausages for well over a century. All, you need, is the Made Simple Book series, by making your way through the book, it will open many doors in achieving your goal to making your own sausages.

You and your friends or loved ones could even sign up for a course on salami, sausage and cured meats. Learning is fun, and it’s very fulfilling to make your own sausages. You can adapt the techniques and ways to make your own sausage creations taste as good as the sausages available in the marketplace. Sausages Made Simple offers everything you need – ingredients kits, equipment for sausage making, curing supplies and everything.

Or, you may be interested in a “Handmade Sausage Making Cooking Class” down on the Mornington Peninsula.

Now that you have made the best sausages ever learn how to barbecue meat with a twist.

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