Romantic Dinner Treats on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is on the doorstep once again; and you may very well be planning to make this day a special and memorable one.  A delicious meal will most defiantly put you and your partner into a romantic mood.  Why not thrill your loved one with a nicely prepared dish?  Here are a few romantic treats to get your creative juices flowing for Valentine’s Day:


Its Valentine’s Day and we spend it with the most special person in our life.  It is better to prepare something different that will add fuel to the burning love desire with each other.  Oysters, are a good source of zinc that is known to increase libido. You can have oysters natural or you could add your preferred accompaniment. Oysters go perfectly well with a glass of champagne.


Any cut of lamb flavoured with rosemary and garlic will set the Valentine’s mood on fire.  Lamb is rich in lusty character that awakens your inner wolf.  You can treat your lover into a luxurious dinner with braised lamb shank and pleasantly prepared side dishes.


Everyone loves sweets and the best known dessert in the world is none other than chocolate.  The sweetness of it sends joy into our heart and soul.  Research shows that eating chocolate release a good hormone called dopamine- that helps us feel good and happy.  For this reason, chocolate is indeed a good reason to eat during Valentine’s Day.

Rib-eye Steak

We love steak anytime of the day and we consider something special if we have steak on our plate.  It’s a Valentine feast with steak and nicely arranged vegetables on the side.  To add a unique twist, make a cute heart shape steak to feel the vibe of Valentine’s Day.


Tiramisu is the perfect Valentine dessert that the two of you will enjoy to mingle with.  The sweet, fresh and light taste with it will make lovers enjoy every bite of it. This dessert is easy to make and guaranteed to leave a delicious taste in your mouth.

Roasted Duck

Think out of the box during Valentine’s Day.  Roasted duck is indeed distinctive and has a delectable and appealing taste.  It will surely not be the last time you will eat duck because of its succulent meat.


If you and your partner are limiting your meat intake, then it’s a perfect time to have a high in omega 3 food on Valentine’s.  Fish is an excellent source of protein that will tantalise your taste buds.


It’s a bit messy to eat a lobster on Valentine’s Day, but who cares about that.  The refreshing lobster meat is undeniably delicious and not to forget lobster is an aphrodisiac food.

Baby Vegetables and Micro Greens

The vegetarians amongst us are not left out on Valentine’s Day.  How about an assortment of nicely prepared baby vegetables – some grilled, some poached and some steamed along with a selection of attractively dressed micro greens.


Prepare for a good toast after a scrumptious dinner and a toast for more years to come in your relationship.  You can go with the usual cocktails or why not experiment with some unconventional ones as well.

Those ideas will surely to get you in the mood to create a Valentine’s Day not to forget.



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