Prepare To Be Sizzled With Incendiary Charcoal

/Prepare To Be Sizzled With Incendiary Charcoal

If you keep up with food trends you know advanced Asian is all the buzz these days.  Advanced Asian incorporates a lot of spices and heat to create a flavour that will tantalize your tongue. Incendiary charcoal is a big part of the new advanced Asian trend sweeping through the food industry.  However, instead of using a variety of different spices, this trend focuses on using different styles of charcoal to create incredible grilled flavours.  Some of the coals used include Japanese binchotan and Thai coconut shell.

When using charcoal to cook, chefs are able to make delicate foods in minutes. Especially when using skewers which is often the case with binchotan.  The foods are also very hearty and add a grilled flavor to the usual Thai cuisine.  If you know anything about Thai food you know it is always marinated in some sort of sauce.

When you combine the sauce, the grill, and charcoal you can create a flavour that is out of this world.  World travelers would be very familiar with this taste. Its the type of food you can get street side while traveling from city to city.  Due to the infusion of flavours, these foods are the perfect companion to a nice, cold beverage.

Charcoal is also becoming a popular health trend.  Some businesses are now using it in pressed juices.  If you will be visiting New York City in the near future, stop by Juice Generation and order a glass of charcoal lemonade.  The name may throw you off a bit, but it will prove to be the best glass of lemonade you have ever tasted.

As stated before, cooking with charcoal allows you to cook food faster while still retaining its natural flavours.  Its the perfect combination.  If you want to feel the burn for yourself, try out this super simple Meyer Lemon Charcoal recipe from the Ideas in Food blog.  You will need a meringue, Meyer lemon ice cream and of course, lemons.

The first thing you want to do is zest and juice your lemons.  Set that aside and use it for something later.  After zesting and juicing your fruits, take whats left over and roast it in the oven at 200°C. Once they become charcoal you can remove them from the oven.  This process will have your entire home smelling very fruity.

Now take the charcoal and put it in a blender. The result will be a very light lemon charcoal powder.  The flavour will be somewhat bitter, yet floral at the same time.  Mix the ice cream and meringue together.  Now add in the lemon charcoal.  Its the perfect accompaniment!

When using incendiary charcoal you must learn to be very creative.  You have to think outside the box and be unafraid to try new things.  For instance, you can use lemon charcoal to enhance breads, or as a topping on crackers.  It can even be used to create cosmetic products.

So go ahead, give incendiary charcoal a try.  You won’t be disappointed!

Here is information on how to Master the art of charcoal grilling step by step

Image thanks to Eugene Kim & Katie Hunt

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