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Party celebration – How to plan and make sure everything goes off without a hitch.

Another season may be upon us. The weather is turning a bit cooler and perhaps the outdoor barbeques and celebrations are coming to an end for a few months, but that does not mean that the festivities have to come to an end. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but when the weather turns cool, I could use the occasional gathering and festive pick-up.

So, if you have any birthday party celebration coming up, anniversaries, winter solstice (?), or just a theme party, the cooler dreary months with a little celebration here and there could be that much brighter and go by that much faster. Once you figure out what it is you are celebrating, how do you make sure your celebratory day goes off without a hitch? Here are some tips to make your party celebration go a little smoother.

What is your budget?

This is by far, a detail you should not leave as an afterthought. How much do you want to spend? This will determine anything from how many people you can or will want to invite, to the food and of course the drinks, decoration, etc. Try not to be too strict with what you want to spend, but instead give yourself sort of a budget window.

What type of party are you throwing?

Will your guests be sitting down to a three or four course meal complete with wine or even wine pairings or are you looking for something more social with hors d’oeuvres, small plates and cocktails? If you have a theme, plan your food and drink menu along with it.

To hire or not to hire?

Every host who has ever thrown a party, knows from experience, that it is almost impossible to enjoy and join in with the festivities like your guests. Unless your party is super small, say at a maximum 4 or 5 people, planning even a sit-down dinner or small bites might be challenging. If you are busy like most of the population with a job and a family to juggle, just planning and shopping alone might make a celebration seem worth more trouble than you planned.

Then there are always those pesky details. The glassware. Extra plates. Serving platters. Extra forks, knives, etc. And what about the even smaller details? Drink mixes, bitters, ice, napkins, and then the dreaded clean up!

Hire a professional caterer, relax and enjoy your party celebration! Chances are, by the time you spend, well, your time; planning a menu, sending out invites, purchasing the ingredients, gas to get the ingredients, preparing the food, buying the drinks and snacks and so forth, your costs might amount out to the same hiring someone else or not that much more.

We want you to have all your hair follicles in tacked when party day arrives. Relax, send out the invites and, I don’t know, get a glass of wine and plan your outfit.

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