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Mulwala is a picturesque town in New South Wales; its name is derived from an Aboriginal word which means rain. The town has a population of 1,986 people and is situated on the banks of Lake Mulwala – a man-made lake formed by the damming of the Murray River. Mulwala has a twin town across the river named – Yarrawonga. The twin towns of Mulwala and Yarrawonga, offer a great spot for water sports fans, fishing enthusiasts, campers and golfers alike. Lake Mulwala is one of the richest fresh water catchments in Australia. It has an abundance of cod fish.

The Classic

The Mulwala Cod Classic is the most awaited fishing competition event in Australia. It is now in its 15th year and is organized by loyal fans of the Mulwala Football / Netball Club. With a total of $150,000 cash prize, Yamaha boating packages and even a Ford Ranger vehicle is up for grabs for the event. The competition is a fund raising event that helps with the maintenance and redevelopment of various community facilities. The Mulwala Cod Classic committee are continually working hard in making the competition the best fishing competition in the country. It attracts a lot of fishing enthusiasts and holds the world record for the largest amount of fishing boats assembled at one spot at the same time. Strict restrictions are implemented when it comes to Murray cod fishing and once caught they must be released immediately.

Where to Dine in Lake Mulwala

You can dine and enjoy one of the most popular restaurants in Mulwala, the Oriental Pearl Restaurant. The restaurant offers tasty food, affordable prices and great services. They have some of the best seafood’s cooked to perfection and is considered to be the best Chinese restaurant in Mulwala.

If you love music and food at the same time you can dine in and stay in Lake Mulwala Hotel and Restaurant. They offer a simple and delicious menu with excellent presentation.

Looking for a steakhouse? Try the Stonegrill Restaurant – Club Mulwala, you can cook your own high quality meat in a hot smoking volcanic rocks.

If pizza and pasta is your thing – Ricky D’s is the place for you. They offer an awesome pizza for around $18.00

Where to Stay in Mulwala / Yarrawonga

If you’re planning to visit Mulwala / Yarrawonga there are plenty of hotels, resorts, motels where you can stay. Or you can stay in self-contained houses and caravan parks too.

Club Mulwala is the best place to stay if you’re looking for a great break from the hustle and bustle of life. Complimentary breakfast, breath taking views of Lake Mulwala, and friendly and accommodating staffs are great qualities to have a great stay in this beautiful hotel.

If you love nature and gardens then Murray River Hotel is the place for you. The hotel is close to almost everything in Mulwala. Staffs are extremely friendly and very accommodating. The owners are hospitable and friendly.

Maison de Papillon – is a modern bed and breakfast that offers a traditional and relaxing atmosphere. You can enjoy a home cooked breakfast while looking at the magical view of Lake Mulwala.

Be sure to put the Mulwala Cod Classic on your to-do list for 2015.

And after the classic keep fishing because the Murry Cod is one of Australia’s best eating fish!



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