5 Desserts Featuring Sweet Mixed Spice you must Bake!

/5 Desserts Featuring Sweet Mixed Spice you must Bake!

With Christmas fast approaching, everyone is on the quest for the best holiday recipes and exquisite desserts. Read on if you wish to go beyond the chocolate chip cookies and cakes this year to showcase something extra special. This article features a few of the top baked goodies that happen to showcase sweet spices. Laden with flavour and a hint of mixed spice, these are sure to win your hearts.

Changing Trends in the Culinary Industry

Over the years, the ever-changing palates of epicureans around the globe have led to the discovery of intriguing and fascinating dishes. Yet, when it comes to the dessert section, many choose to play it safe with the time-honoured recipes handed down through generations. However, it is now time to offer your guests something unusual for a memorable meal experience. What better than some spice-based desserts to wow their palate?

Innumerable chefs now use mixed spice blends that showcase a carefully picked set of aromatic sweet spices for sweet and savoury dishes. Right from cinnamon and nutmeg to allspice, these blends can take your cooking to the next level.

  1. Cinnamon and Chocolate Cookies

Freshly ground cinnamon is added in the right measure to your cookie dough prior to baking them. However, you must remember that less is more when cooking with a spice like cinnamon or nutmeg. Excessive use of the spice can lead to it being overpowering and would make the cookies inedible.

  1. Gluten-Free Rosemary Madeleines

With a lot of people keen on going gluten-free this year, it would be wise to make some Madeleines to suit this dietary preference. Laced with fresh or dried rosemary, these are essentially further flavoured with honey and drizzled with salted caramel. The French delicacies are perfect for every holiday or even as a delicious snack on a quiet night in.

  1. Candied Ham and Thyme Biscotti

The ideal tea-time snack, whipping up a candied ham and thyme biscotti is an easy task. You may grind in a pinch of orange zest to give it an extra hint of tart. This recipe is all you need to beautifully elevate the flavor of your bland biscotti. Culinary experts suggest that candied ham is the perfect ingredient to add to your Christmas baking list. Alternatively, you may also choose to replace the thyme with all spice or a mixed spice blend.

  1. Sweet Spiced Hot Cross Buns

When baking up a storm, you must try out the conventional hot cross buns with the marvelous addition of cinnamon and nutmeg. These sweet spices give your plain buns a saccharine twist and using some powered brown sugar or honey caramel shall simply be the topping on the cake!

  1. Mexican Spiced Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are a huge hit with guests and adding a new-fangled twist to the mundane cheesecake recipe is precisely what you must do. Put a Mexican spin on this dessert with the welcome addition of star anise and cayenne pepper. The best place to include the flavour from these spices is the crust. Simply infuse the butter with star anise and add a sprinkling of pepper before you set the base with graham crackers!

In fact, sweet spices have traditionally been used for centuries in cake recipes or even to bake savoury pies. Today, the availability of mixed spice has made it more convenient for home chefs to recreate the culinary magic in their kitchen with some delectable desserts.

Whether it is for a fabulous family dinner or even edible gifts for your guests or friends; the desserts mentioned in this article are sure to please everyone!


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