Mexican Cheese: What Is It and Why It Tastes So Good

/Mexican Cheese: What Is It and Why It Tastes So Good

Mexican cheeses make every dish more tasteful. With the variety of cheeses to choose from, you can find a type of cheese to add to your salads, main dishes and even to your desserts. You’ll never run out of recipes which uses cheese! Aside from satisfying your taste buds, cheese can also provide a long list of health benefits. Cheese can be an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. It can also promote healthy bones, heart and may help prevent cancer. And among the types of cheeses, you can purchase today, Mexican Shred Blend by Pure Dairy or Mexican cheese is one you should definitely try.

As the name suggests, Mexican cheese comes from Mexico and is sometimes called as Queso Menonita. If Mexican cheese is fresh, it tastes and feels like a mild cheddar. The taste of the Mexican cheese becomes tangy over time. But why does Mexican cheese taste so good? The reasons below could answer this question:

Mexican cheese tastes so good because of its ingredients and how it’s made

Mexican cheese is traditionally made from simple ingredients and follows a simple process in order to be made. For its ingredients, Mexican cheese only requires raw cow milk or a combination of cow and goat milk. It’s made by acidifying the milk, leaving it to curdle, strain it in a cheesecloth and then pressed tightly. Once made, you can have the option of consuming the cheese immediately or wait for a few days to have the cheese age. Keep in mind that the aging process can drastically change how the cheese tastes.

Mexican cheese tastes so good because of its simplicity

Aside from the simplicity of the ingredients and processes involved in order to make Mexican cheese, its composition is also very simple. Mexican cheese is bright, fresh and milky, making it easy for you to add this to just about any dish. You use Mexican cheese to provide contrast to heavier dishes such as enchiladas or to complement a dish which is light like grilled vegetables or salads. Mexican cheeses are known to have a salty-sour kick taste while being creamy and light at the same time. Unlike other types of cheeses, Mexican cheese doesn’t have any buttery taste.

Mexican cheese tastes so good because it comes in a variety

There are actually many types of Mexican cheeses. Commonly, Mexican cheeses come in five types namely Queso Fresco (which is also called as the farmer-style cheese and is considered as the most common Mexican cheese), Cotija (or the Mexican parmesan), Queso Blanco, Queso Panela and Queso Oaxaca. All of these cheeses are used for different purposes. For starters, Queso Panela is best used for grilling while Queso Oaxaca is suited for melting. The number of Mexican cheeses available for purchase makes it easier for you to find the perfect cheese for any dish.

Mexican cheese tastes so good because you can add this to countless recipes

Type in Mexican cheese recipes in your search engines, and for sure, you’ll be bombarded with a lot of suggestions. Because of the versatility of Mexican cheeses, you can easily find a recipe which you can try at home. And it doesn’t matter how well you do in the kitchen – there will always be a handful of recipes which are suitable for your skillset!

There’s No Harm In Trying

There are many people around the world who are obsessed with cheese. They eat cheese as it is or adds this to all of their dishes. Some can’t even live a day without eating cheese! If you know these situations all too well (because you loved cheeses for years) or you want to explore different types of cheeses, trying out Mexican cheeses can be a very good decision. Not only will you cross off another cheese from your list but you’ll also be able to improve how your average dishes tastes once you add Mexican cheese to it. Mexican cheese might even become your favorite cheese once you try it!

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