Cocktail Events

Our finger food catering is all hand made for the best produce in the market-place. Throwing a get together does not have to be all that complicated.  It is usually just the simple things that are enough and the most remembered. Likewise, it does not take a complicated dish to make everyone happy. Great food and smaller bites only need a handful of the best ingredients to be delicious.  The simpler joys in life are the best, we all know this. For small and large gatherings, the most social food and maybe even the best are the ones you can eat with your hands.  Who does not love finger food? It can be fancy and intricate or smaller versions of your favourite comfort foods.  It does not matter, because in just one or two bites you are transported to another place and enjoying the moment and maybe life in general.
Big or small, we can plan a finger food menu fit to any gathering size.
We have menus to choose from and plenty of suggestions, but we are open to any personal requests you might have too.  Tell us the theme of your party, what ingredients and presentation you want.  Each of our menus is designed according to the season and what local ingredients are available.  Fresh and local food is the very best and that is what we want to offer you.  What are your favourite foods?  Maybe we can come up with miniature versions!

 Finger food Catering Menus


Zucchini flower, soft cheese, tempura, aioli
King Prawns, Japanese mayonnaise
Mushrooms, truffle, pastry
Spiced Quail, chilli, eggplant, radish
Peppered Beef, Yorkshire, horseradish, mustard
Sashimi Tuna, black sesame, toasts, wasabi
Shaved warm salmon, horseradish, lime, Rye
Sweet onion and olive & tomato tarts
Chicken presse, hazelnut, spiced beetroot, brioche
Spiced beef, betal leaves, Nam jim
Duck, cucumber, mint, rice paper

Substantial Canapes

Pulled pork sliders, chilli, coriander & soft rolls
Caramelised pork with green apple salad
Chicken & prawn pad Thai noodles
Classic fish and chips
Thai chicken & eggplant curry, rice
Braised Lamb, wild garlic pesto
Spiced lamb burgers, onion relish, gruyere
BBQ’d pork ribs, master stock, coriander salad
BBQ’d sirloin steak, ancholea sauce Spanish
Spanish Seafood Paella
Ceviche of snapper, pomegranate & chilli

Dessert Canapes

Mini lemon curd tarts
Bitter chocolate tart, vanilla cream
Dark chocolate Brownie
Italian Dough-nuts, mascarpone
Vanilla crème brulee
Assorted macaroons
Liquid Wasabi cocktails
Miniature Espresso Martini

/Per Person

Canapes & Substantial Canapes

  • 1 hour, 6 canapes 1 substantial $35
  • 1.5 Hours, 5 canapes, 2 substantial $45
  • 2 hours, 8 canapes, 3 substantial $60
  • 2.5 hours, 10 canapes, 3 substantial $70
  • 3 hours, 12 canapes, 4 substantial $85

Party Canapes

Roast pumpkin & tartlet, blue cheese
Fried chicken wings with chilli salt
Baba ganoush, hummus & Turkish bread sticks
Assorted Rice paper rolls & Sushi
Chicken & Tarragon finger sandwiches
Corn Fritters with wasabi mayonnaise
Spicy fish croquettes, garlic aioli
Grilled Roti Madtarbak squares
Braised beef pies with tomato relish
Pea & Parmesan croquette, garlic aioli
Spiced pumpkin Samosas
Chorizo empanadas

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