Barbecue Catering

Barbecue Catering

Barbecues are one of the most amazing joys of food and fire. There are various kinds of meat to choose from and easily accessible. Our primal tastes have not evolved very much since the discovery of fire and the day’s hunt. You almost do not need much more than meat and flame. Done. You have a feast! There are various kinds of meat to choose from and easily accessible. There are side dishes, grilled veggies, salads, dips, appetizers, fish and more. Everyone loves a barbecue!

It must be the enticement of the aromas that waft about the back yard of charcoal and sizzling meat. Sure, we can socialize, carry on conversation, have a chilled beer or a nice glass of wine, but our mouths are watering and we just cannot wait to sink our teeth in to the smoky, charcoal-wood essence steak, pork, chicken…whatever.

Barbecue catering Melbourne, we cater great gourmet bbq's!

You can barbecue yourself, no doubt about that, but what fun is there in standing over the grill for hours turning and rotating with sweat dripping down your face and soaking your party clothes and warming the drink in your hand opposite to the one holding the spatula? Let someone else do it. You can of course hold your next BBQ event in one of Melbourne's parks



Minute scotch steaks, fine herbs
Italian pork & fennel BBQ sausages
Field mushrooms w/ garlic, chilli
BBQ'D Sebago potatoes with rosemary
BBQ onions, Table Salads
Artisan Breads & Condiments


Marinated eye fillet medallions Harissa spiced chicken skewers Assorted Gourmet sausages Sea scallops with smoked salmon Field mushrooms w/ roast garlic & chilli Roast potatoes with rosemary Roast vegetables Tomato, basil and bocconcini salad BBQ onions , Colesaw Assorted dinner rolls and breads

BBQ Package 3

Grilled Eye fillet medallions
Barossa Valley marinated Chicken
Lamb cutlets marinated in fine herbs
Harissa spiced Atlantic Salmon steaks
Barbecued king prawns with garlic butter
Field mushrooms w garlic & chilli
Roast potatoes with rosemary
Roast vegetables, BBQ onions
Colesaw, Table salad
Assorted dinner rolls and breads

$20-70.00 /Per Person

BBQ Packages

  • BBQ Package 1 $35.00
  • BBQ Package 2 $50.00
  • BBQ Package 3 $70.00
  • Cuustom BBQ $POA



  • Crockery & Cutlery
  • Chaffing Dishes
  • Dietary requirements

Salads and Sides

Dutch cream potatoes & mustard mayonnaise
Grilled Tuscan vegetables
Fresh tomato, basil & mozzarella salad
Grilled asparagus (seasonal)
Lentil, pickled beetroot & feta salad
Grilled vegetable macro burgers
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