A Taste of Melbourne: The City’s Best Foodie Experiences

/A Taste of Melbourne: The City’s Best Foodie Experiences

Your taste of Australia is incomplete without the taste of Melbourne – Australia’s most happening city. What Wall Street is for Stockbrokers, Melbourne is for foodies. The kind of food events, food experiences, cooking classes and food tours this city offers, any foodie can fall in love with the city.

The best food experiences in Melbourne are not mainstream.

United States of Food Tour – Melbourne

Witness the Americans and Australians shared heritage of BBQs during the United States of Food Tour in Melbourne.

Begin by tasting the classic American meals at one of the most oldest hamburger stands.

Next up is farm-to-table lesson in Queen Victoria Markets that is loaded with local restaurants along with their stock kitchens.

Bagel is another thing to try in this food tour that connected the Yankees and Aussies traditions.

Care for some cooking classes? Head straight to the American BBQ restaurant where you will learn unique meat barbecuing methods so you can derive a new flavour at home from this American-Australian shared flavour.

Melbourne Sights and Bites Tour

This sights and bites food tour begins at an 88-storey skyscraper, Eureka Skydeck, from where you get the most stunning views of the city.

From 88-storey views to the laneways full of graffiti, you will have an extreme food experience. You will see the most artistic streets and meet the alley artists there. Take your favorite snacks with you and enjoy a walk in laneway.

After a few snacks and a walk, let’s go for the dinner in one of the multi-cultural restaurants run by migrants. They literally have given a shape to today’s Melbourne.

What better way to end the day with a drink to finish your food tour. The place is full of exciting bars. You can talk to the locals to know the hottest bars of the moment.

The Ultimate Beer Journey

Take some time out to enjoy Melbourne’s most awarded cider bars and urban breweries. It’s a joy ride for beer lovers. Here’s where the new age flavour gets mixed with old-world traditions to create something unique for the drinkers.

You will find vanilla, chocolate, toffee, coffee, and bacon flavoured beer, fruit-infused barrel aged ales, refreshing summer ales, experimental single batch brews this place won’t go out off options for you.

While you enjoy different tastes of beers on your food tour, you will also learn about different styles of beers.

Caffeine Cafe Culture

Melbourne’s Cafe culture is the talk of the town. The city is full of best-in-class cafes and restaurants. Take some time out of your busy schedule to experience the Cafe Culture of Melbourne. You will explore some hidden away food scenes of Melbourne.

Not just caffeine enthusiasts and coffee connoisseur, but the non-coffee drinkers will also love this place. One cannot ignore the aroma!

You will also have an option of a short tram ride along with a raw cafe style lunch. You will unlock many treasured gems in this food tour. Don’t miss this one of the amazing food experiences in Australia.

Asian Street Food Tour

If you or any of your friends are Asian food, then go to the Asian street. Chinese, Asian, Japanese, and Malaysian food, you will find a lot to love there. As more people demand unique taste, so Melbourne is giving it to them. And, Asian food has got popularity because of its rich flavour and relatively economic format.

Witness the Australian touch in the Asian food.

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