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The best, most extravagant marquee weddings do not need to be held in a large even hall or grand garden. The bride and groom should be able to relax and really enjoy their day, enjoy the company of their friends and family in a familiar setting. The Marquee Wedding, your Marquee Wedding can be held in your very back yard.

Contact G’Day Chef Catering and we would be more than happy to pay you a visit at your home to see how we might be able to create your Marquee Wedding for your dream day. We are renowned for creating one-of-a-kind dishes from in season and local ingredients, plated with love and care so that each ingredient is in harmony with one another and displayed exquisitely from course to course. We can sit and meet with the bride and groom to discuss your ideal menu to coincide with the day or evening you have imagined.

Aside from the food, we can also assist you in the décor and layout for the dinner and wedding party from start to finish. If you wish to begin things with small cocktail bites, we might suggest tall tables off in a separate area so your guests can mingle, chat and enjoy one another as much as they are enjoying the food. This will allow us to arrange the seating for the sit-down portion of the night and place settings. From the pre-dining to dining area, we can work with the decoration and even flower arrangements you have ordered, set up food stations and organize for the arrangement of the marquee you will have on display to welcome your guests.

Each couple is different and we offer different options to match each one’s personal taste. The package includes the chairs, flooring, tables, lighting and table linen. Each option is taking into consideration differences in budget, desires and needs.

G’Day Chef simply wants to grant you all your wishes and desires on your wedding day. Whatever you have in mind, we can assist with, or perhaps you have some questions or ideas that just will not come together. We are happy to fill in the spots and answer any questions in order to reach the grand potential of your Marquee Wedding event and create something more than you might have even imagined.

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