Improve Your Nutrition With Dried Fruits

/Improve Your Nutrition With Dried Fruits

Did you know that eating dried fruits can help to improve your diet, reduce the risk of obesity, and improve your overall health?

That’s right, many studies show that eating dried fruits, such as raisins and dried apricots, can have many health benefits.

Discover why you need to introduce more dried fruit into your diet now.

What Are Dried Fruits?

Dried fruits are fruits that have had their water content removed. They are often smaller in size compared to fresh fruit and you are left with an energy-dense dried fruit.

You can get a whole range of dried fruit, such as raisins, figs, apricots, prunes, and dates.

You can also get other dried fruits which are coated in sugar, such as bananas, apples, mangoes, pineapples, and cranberries.

You can buy dried fruit, or you can preserve fruit yourself using food dehydrators. Food dehydrators allow food to be preserved much longer while maintaining all its properties. (Source:

What Are the Benefits of Eating Dried Fruit?

Although dried fruit is often higher in sugars and calories, they provide your body with essential nutrients. Dried fruits are rich in carbs and vitamins. 

Dried fruit also contains a lot of fibre and are a great way to get antioxidants into your body, especially polyphenols.

Polyphenols are associated with health benefits such as:

  • Improving your blood flow
  • Improving your digestive health
  • Decreasing any oxidative damage
  • Reducing your risk of diseases (such as heart disease)

Antioxidants can benefit your body by preventing and reducing inflammation, boosting brain activity, improving immune system, and impacting DNA repair. These benefits are also linked to lower risk of kidney and liver damage, cancer, and mental diseases.

Prevent Diabetes

Studies have shown that dried fruits can help prevent diabetes and improve symptoms of the disease. In the research, they found that eating dried fruits and nuts can help improve your nutrients intake, lower your body weight, and also reduce your risk of diabetes.

Fight Depression and Anxiety

Dried fruits are also thought to help fight depression and anxiety, along with helping to improve your brain activity and sleeping abilities.

A study which was published in the Turkish Journal of Biology, found that rats who ate goji berries had a reduction in their anxiety levels and depressive behaviours. They also found that rats learning performance and sleep improved.

Improve Your Digestion

Dried fruits, such as prunes are known to help improve your digestion and stool frequency. This is because they are rich in soluble and insoluble fibres which help to feed the good bacteria in your gut and keep your regular.

A study found that prunes greatly improved stool frequency and consistency, as opposed to laxatives. You can avoid medication and naturally improve your digestion system with dried fruits.

Introduce More Dried Fruits to Your Diet

The health benefits of dried fruit can help to keep you fit and healthy, so mix up your diet by adding more dried fruits into your snacks and meals.

There are many resources available if you want to learn how you can grow and preserve your own fruit.

Do some research on the different drying methods required for each fruit. For example, you can preserve citrus fruits by drying the peel. Then start drying your own foods, which will help to improve your nutrition and eliminate food waste.

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