How To Eat Healthy At University

/How To Eat Healthy At University

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Eating healthy especially if at University is quite a challenge. After all, according to Chelsea Hunter, a health coach headquartered in Atlanta, this should be the case as college is merely a place designed for food failure.  For once in your lifetime, you now have the freedom to make your own decisions and in particular, what to eat!  When you are surrounded by every niche of food, managing a healthy eating habit can be quite a hurdle.

Nonetheless, college is surprisingly also a place where you begin to forge a healthy eating pattern. How? Here is a comprehensive student guide outlining a few simple tips you can use to have good dorm-dwelling eating habits:

  • Start by Making a Plan

A plan is always an excellent way to start a new encounter. While in college, you can begin by planning your daily meals to follow the next week. According to a nutrition essay by my favorite EssayOnTime, not only will planning give you a structure to follow, but it also helps you not spend hours trying to decide on your next meal.

Nonetheless, you should take a lenient approach with this step…while you may have set up a meal plan to follow, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t hook up with your friends and order a take out.

  • Scribble down a list…and follow it

Going back to the meal plan, use it to determine precisely what ‘accessories’ you need for every recipe. This will help you have a smooth shopping experience and will help enforce you to eat healthy at university. With food shopping, however, it is worth noting that it is essential that you eat something beforehand. Why? An empty stomach while shopping (whether online or going to the local outlet) will just lead you to buy unhealthy impulse purchases.

  • Expand your food knowledge.

Since you are already in college, why not apply your education beyond just classwork?  Check out your facility’s cafeteria nutrition details and ensure to learn one or two things. However, this is entirely different from calorie counting. The idea is to determine the source of your food as well as the ingredients and recipes, a move that can help you make informed, responsible dietary decisions.

Furthermore, you may also try consulting your facility’s health department or even raising a few questions about your campus’ food to your school’s nutritionist-what you learn might just surprise you!

  • Include some healthy staples

One thing is for sure, while your mini-fridge might be filled with various prepared Whole Food options available, it need not turn your dorm room into a high-calorie, high-preservative snack hub! Health coach Chelsea advises that you buy healthy foods boasting long shelf life such as seeds, rice cakes, dried fruit, and nuts among others. Moreover, citrus fruits and apples are another option as well as hummus and raw veggies to include in your list of best snacks and foods to insure you eat healthy at university.

  • Drink water

As simple as it sounds, water is indeed free! As opposed to purchasing a few bottles of some fizzy drinks or juices, choose to take tap water from your institution. Alternatively, you may also leave fruit in your jug or bottle to infuse to spice up the flavor, although this could cost quite a dime.

Eventually, remaining hydrated is among the best steps you can take towards improving your health both mentally and physically. As such, be sure to adopt the habit of drinking water-it is an excellent decision to eat healthy at university

  • Take some fruits:

While you will find that your campus dining hall doesn’t encourage the idea of students taking their food on the go, it is likely that between your dining hall and your room, there is at least a few fruit shops or outlets around. In fact, nutritionists recommend that you include fruit in your eating routine since after all; doesn’t an apple a day keep the doctor away? What’s more, by taking fruits, the chances are that this will keep you from picking something somewhat ‘less healthy’ while on the go. This will definitely help you eat healthy at Univesity and to save some cravings.

  • Cook your meal from scratch

What is perhaps the most important step to eat healthy at university is knowing the ingredients in and source of your meals and you can best do this is by doing your own cooking. Yes, learning how you can cook a meal from scratch is a significantly healthier step to proper diet, but ONLY if you do it right. It is also quite cheaper too!

Having ready meals in your dormitory can be handy on several occasions although you should avoid incorporating them into your diet as a staple part of it.

As such, when you have the time, take some few moments to not only learn but also practice multiple cheap, easy, and of course healthy recipes. Fortunately for you, you can add to your repertoire gradually. However, having this skill set can be quite a reassuring thing knowing that there is one little problem to confront. Also don’t forget to start the day off by having a healthy breakfast.

  • Order in

Don’t get this wrong, but the idea here is not for you to go for that Chinese takeout! Notwithstanding whether you are in a little college town or a bustling urban campus, you’ll be surprised by the assortment of options to order great HEALTHY food to your location. You can check out local spots around your campus but ensure that the options you search for will help you make consistent healthy eating choices.  What about costs you may wonder? If you are considering the costs, you can always split orders with a few of your other colleagues across the campus.  You’ll soon discover that you are perhaps not the only one thinking of how to eat healthy at university.

Final Word:

Between the classes, assignments, exams, and socializing, numerous college students find it difficult to balance their time such that they can effectively keep up with their personal wellness until an unexpected illness disrupts their routine. What’s more, it is undeniably quite a challenge to find or form good eating patterns without the routine or guidance as was with your home routine. Nonetheless, with these few student-friendly tips, you can quickly learn how to eat healthy at University.

Author’s Bio-Sandra Hayward

Sandra is a famous Nutritionist and an avid food blogger and Artist. She is also an adventurous soul albeit being just a little town girl.

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