How to Avoid Food Poisoning?

/How to Avoid Food Poisoning?

If you are not extra mindful about your diet, then you are likely to suffer from food poisoning. The illness is mostly caused by eating contaminated food, and It sometimes can be so severe even to cause death. Therefore, minding about anything you put in your mouth should be mandatory if you don’t want to be one of the many food poisoning victims. The following are some ways to ensure you’re eating a healthy diet and you’re safe from foodborne illness. 

  • Buy food product from fresh food stores

Don’t just buy your food from any shop around you. Make sure the products from the store are fast moving and therefore are ever new. Check the expiring date before you pick anything to be sure it is safe for consumption. For cold food which you want to store in your fridge, make sure to wrap them in a cooler bag and keep them in your refrigerator as soon as possible. Else cook them immediately.

  • Monitor the preparation of  your food

We all know food hygiene is very vital when it comes to our health. And most of us know about the basic ones such as cleaning meals as we prepare it. However, if you’re not the one making the meals, you might want to be sure of how your food is handled to ensure both you and your family are the same from illnesses. You can easily monitor your kitchen by either installing the surveillance camera or providing your chef with a smartphone that has highster mobile app.

  • Clean your hands thoroughly before eating

Cleaning your hands using antibacterial detergent, before touching your food is essential. So, no matter how starving you might be, always ensure you take 20 seconds to clean your hands. Make it a habit and train your young ones to do it all the time.

  • Be careful about leftovers food

Eating leftovers is not bad at all. However, you should know how to store them, when to feed them and when to throw them away. Always keep leftovers into the fridge immediately they cool off. Again, only store them in an air-tight container and consume it before four days are over. Also, always heat any leftover food thoroughly before you eat and never reheat the food twice.

  • Park your raw food or eat them at home.

Raw food such as salads and fruits are at a higher risk of contamination. To make sure you eat only the healthy ones, be sure to prepare them yourself at home. Taking these foods from outside, you might not be sure whether the water used to clean them was safe even though they might appear clean to you.

Anybody can suffer from food poisoning although kids are the most affected. Some of the symptoms of this illness are vomiting and diarrhea that causes dehydration. So if you notice one is suffering from the disease, give them a lot of water before you rush them to the hospital. However, always follow the above tips to remain healthy as you enjoy delicious meals.

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