Food TV – What Are We In For In 2015?


Food TV – What Are We In For In 2015?

Over the past few years, reality shows have been dominating television sets all over Australia and getting high ratings, and people are talking about them with a vengeance. People thoroughly enjoy watching reality style television just because they can easily relate to the people representing nothing but their real selves. The freedom of speech, where they can say what they want without any script and any inhibitions. Millions of viewers tune into TV to watch every episode of their favourite reality show.

This year 2015 reality TV has high hopes on singing contests and of course cooking contests. Reality cooking programmes hosted by world renowned chefs have become so popular and is watched by millions of fans. People tune in to see new recipes and new techniques in cooking that eventually they will try to imitate. Recognising the pressure of the contestants is entertaining for the viewers. The time pressure and the harsh comments from judges are the most awaited parts.

It is expected here in Australia to see more cooking shows on television. Australians love foods and love cooking at the same time. Here are some of the reality food TV that will undoubtedly dominate television in 2015.

Kitchen Revolution

This show is geared up for a launch in the not too distant future. The show meets at the culinary and renovation crossroads. Viewers will be able to purchase the featured products of the shows such as fridge and drills among other items.

My Kitchen Rules

This reality show was the most watched show of 2014, and 3.8 million viewers watched the finale of the show. New twists and more colourful contestants will be up for the challenge this year. The chemistry and clashes of all the participants and the interaction with the viewers are the keys to the show’s continued success. People are forever talking about it.

MasterChef Australia

2015 marks the seventh season of this popular cooking show. Last year the network may have made a number of errors in judgement. The show promises hotter and fierce episodes in the kitchen for the coming season. With clashes and catfights from each contestant that will not bore the viewers who are watching from the comfort of their living room.

Restaurant Revolution

Every foodie dreams of having their own restaurant. This new kid on the block can make or break someone’s vision of having a restaurant. Contestants will build their very own restaurant from scratch and will cook their way to fame and fortune. Viewers can interact with them not just by watching the show, but they can also come and eat at the restaurant. Viewers will have a chance to get their 5 seconds of fame on TV. Advertiser’s products will features in the restaurant, and it’s a good strategy for the viewers to see their products.

Recipe to Riches

Have you got the requirements to mass produce your family favourite? Can you take it to new heights and have it placed on the supermarket shelves? If so this could be just the program for you. From production, to branding, to marketing they have got all the bases covered.

Reality show is fun to watch. The drama, bickering, squabbling and struggles of each contestant, is entertaining to the viewers. People can relate to their frustrations, and hardships that they encounter while participating in the show.

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