Food Trends – What is Next?

/Food Trends – What is Next?


It’s now time to party and bid goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015 with a huge bang. This year has been full of ups and downs but nevertheless it has been a great year. This year Australia has explored new cuisines and flavors and reshaping and embracing the culture of native Australian cuisines.

A popular food trend for this year is a fusion of heritage cultural foods and the popularity of foreign cuisines. The new flavour attracts the Australian palettes and everyone kept on exploring with this new and exciting taste.

Foods that Trended in 2014

Love for Insects

With the support of the government and well known chefs, insects are introduced to Australian foodies. Some restaurants include edible insects on their menus and surprisingly foodies are brave enough to take a bite of crickets. It is an excellent source of protein and they are available throughout the year.

Hot as BBQ

Australians loves meat and is taking advantage of our beautiful climate. Nothing beats the smell of a smoking BBQ on your backyard or outdoors with family and friends. Nothing beats the all-time favourite Australian BBQ.

Indigenous Meats

Hot as potato, health conscious foodies are replacing regular meat with a much healthier kangaroo and wallaby meats. These, indigenous meat ingredients are taking a buzz for its nutritional value and health benefits.

Austral-Asian Combo

Asian cuisine continues to influence the Australian palates. The exotic and distinct taste of a smoked eel and raw sea scallops is weirdly addicting. Korean kim chi feeds the desire of something hot in our taste buds.

Truly, 2014 has been / is an exciting journey with a combination of the longstanding traditions and international foods. No wonder Australia remains as one of the hottest food destinations in the world.

What to Expect on 2015

Hurray for 2015, another year and another journey. We are all excited for this year and looking forward for what could very well be on offer. Australian consumers evolve and develop a unique taste when it comes to food. They give value on good quality meat, support small scale farmers and always love a healthy fish. Australians always enjoy a good taste of beverage and a delicious meal.

Foods Trends to Watch Out For in 2015

Vegetables Rock

More people are turning to vegetarian and saying no to meats. The vegetable trends are getting popular for the coming year. Vegetable based desserts and snacks will melt the hearts of health conscious foodies.

Wild Meats

Kangaroo and wallaby are making a buzz in 2014 and it will continue up to 2015. Australians continue to show interest in native meats. Kangaroos are hopping all over the land down under and it’s a good source of protein. The kangaroo and wallaby meat options are going to provide us with an evolution of new flavours.

Bread Revolution

Bread has always been a staple food for most Australian consumers. More chefs are creating healthier versions of every day bread favourites and not just sour dough. Don’t be surprised to see a come-back of the beloved baguette.

Going Old School

Consumers are putting their hands into the dirt and growing their own vegetables. Simple and easy to cook dishes is something to watch out for the coming year.

Exciting isn’t it?

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