Food Packaging: 6 Easter Treats You Cannot Ignore

/Food Packaging: 6 Easter Treats You Cannot Ignore

Everyone knows that Easter is all about devouring tasty treats while you share them with your friends and family. However, apart from just eating away those chocolate bunnies that you received from your friend, you might also be thinking about making someone feel cared for on this special occasion. You can easily do this by adding a sprinkle of love in the delicious goodies that you have made for gifting to your closest friends and family members.

Anyone would love receiving a pack of chocolate eggs. But how to make your gift stand out among all the others is what matters the most. Therefore, today I would be advising you on how to wrap Easter goodies in a more attractive way than ever. So, read on, and discover the top most-loved Easter treats and how to pack them so that they would become even more irresistible.

  1. Make The Chocolate Bunnies Look Even More Tempting

If you are wondering how to make Easter bunnies even more fun to eat, there are a number of easy ways to do it. You can use some edible spray paints to add a pop of colour and shine to your bunnies or make them look enchanting by placing them inside small empty jam jars. Fill half of the jar with some fruity M&M’s, and place the bunny inside in the middle. Add some glitter to that jar cap and you are good to go!

  2. Use Your Stock Of Saved Up Mason Jars

Make an Easter cookie recipe jar for your loved ones. All you have to do is fill a mason jar with all the ingredients that you use in your famous cookie recipe; add a gift tag to the loved one with a lovely quote to finish it up.

  3. Make A Travelling Easter Bucket

You can easily make your child’s trip to the nearby woods more exciting by surprising them with a traveling Easter bucket. Take an old plastic cup and cover it up with a wrapping sheet. Now place all those treats inside and enclose the top with the cup’s face by wrapping it inside a piece of cute wrapping net. Tie a bow on the top and it is done!

  4. Cookie Jars Are Never Enough

The most simple and prettiest way of packaging cookies and candy is to place them inside a glass jar. You can also use a mason jar. Add a ribbon bow to the lid, and attach a gift tag.

  5. Pack Those Easter Eggs Like Never Before

Easter is never complete without Easter eggs. This year make those chocolate eggs look unique by using candy packaging style. All you would need is a wrapping sheet of wrapping net, place the egg in the middle and tie both sides of the net, making it look like a big candy!

  6. Easter Fudge In Cute Paper Bags

For those who wish their treats to be a bit fudgier and want to pack them in a fascinating way, you can easily do it with the help of brown paper bags. Put your special homemade Easter fudge inside the bag and make it look special with the help of a ribbon. You can also add a gift tag to make it look sweeter.

This Easter, make your treats look more appealing than ever by using these few packaging tips. Happy Easter to you!

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