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Food Movies – Very Tasty

The best way of presenting the best foods to the world are via the media, and the movie is a perfect avenue. Each country offers a unique and delectable taste of exotic foods for locals and visitors alike. Cinema buffs and food lover’s lineup to watch a film and drawn in by every scene. There’s something so special about food that we love eating it with our eyes. The way it’s prepared and the way that the pride comes out when cooked.

Cooking is more than frying and baking; a good culinarian has an individual passion for food and an absolute joy to let other guests consume it with happiness. No wonder we all love watching food movies. We get inspired, and our hearts and minds fill with beautiful things beyond our kitchen.

Here are some of the best food movies of all time:

Eat, Drink, Man, Women

This movie makes us crave for a simple omelet. The way the character prepares this wonderful food item with so much passion and so much love. It is a story focused on two brothers who both work so hard to save their family business from failing. Every scene in the kitchen is the most awaited parts. The way they work with their knives and the passion that they put into it is remarkable.


This cartoon movie provides us with so much joy and makes us fall in love with the classical dish – ratatouille. It may look hilarious seeing a rat cooking in the culinary domain, but the twist is with him. It gives hope for struggling chefs and gives joy to every food lover.

Like Water for Chocolate

Roses make our garden beautiful, but you can use it to make every plate in the meal attractive too. It is a story of passion, forbidden love, kitchen, and chocolates. This movie is a weird mix of feelings and emotions which makes the movie very interesting to watch.


The most favourite guilty pleasure of life is chocolate. We know it’s good for us; however we can’t stop eating it and appreciating its sweetness. The way it melts in our mouth and calmly raptures with sweetness pleasure. A sweet sensual story of a single French woman and a riverboat drifter will take chocolate indulgence to the next level.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This movie captures the heart of every child as well as children at heart. Who doesn’t love chocolates and seeing a chocolate factory is like a tour in heaven for children? It gives a good moral value and how to be contented and be happy even if you have little only. High appreciation of the value of family and love is evident in this movie.


This movie is a feel good roadway movie that every foodie should try to do for real. Loving life and appreciating every bit of it is the message of the film. Cheers for a beautiful life.

Jiro dreams of sushi

A classic father son story of some of one of the best sushi restaurant’s in the world.

Chef (2014)

A great watch a professional restaurant chef has a fallout with the owner and opens a Food trucks business.

Dinner rush

Do you know of any additional food movies to add to the list?


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