Eating breakfast why it’s so important

/Eating breakfast why it’s so important

Eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I must admit, I for one get tired of preparing and eating early in the morning. I guess we all experience it especially when we’re in a hurry in the mornings with our day to day commitments.

According to studies eating breakfast will help us lose weight, provide more energy to start our day and improve our concentration and focus. With these health benefits, it could be well worth the effort to never miss our breakfast.

Weight Loss – Eating breakfast helps us to lose weight because it suppresses our appetite throughout the day. If we skip breakfast we will feel hungry and tend to eat more during the lunchtime. Also, eating breakfast improves our metabolism which is a key to losing weight. Eating the right food during breakfast is important. The most common breakfast food items are eggs and they are high in protein, they can assist us to feel full until lunchtime. Fruit and cereals are also great options.

More Energy – To be able to perform at ultimate levels well we need to have energy. So why not start our day eating breakfast, coffee gives a quick alertness and energy but it doesn’t stay all day long. Food rich in fibre is perfect for breakfast.  Fruits such as bananas, apples, and strawberries are a worthy source of fibre.

Concentration and Focus – Skipping breakfast is no good, you will lose focus and concentration because you are hungry. Also, the brain needs some fuel after fasting overnight. Eating breakfast provides you with a jumpstart to your day and helps you focus and think clearly throughout the day. Oats are a great source of fuel for your brain.

Australian Breakfast

A typical breakfast for many of us may consist of vegemite on toast or for the more adventurous type – sausages, bacon, eggs and a cup of tea or coffee. A quick typical breakfast may comprise of cereals, oats, fresh fruits or possibly a hot porridge on a cold winters morning.

Cafes and Restaurants in Australia

We learn how important eating breakfast is and that skipping it is not a good option. But there are times that we may not feel like preparing our own. So, here are some of the famous cafes and restaurants that offer some great breakfast options across the country.

The Grounds of Alexandria – New South Wales

They offer home-style dishes and a great combination of healthy and delicious breakfast options. You can dine in this beautiful sanctuary or just grab some breakfast for takeout.

Barossa Farmers Market – South Australia

Famous for their “Market Burger” the egg and bacon are sourced from various vendors. You will enjoy walking and strolling in this beautiful and clean vicinity with your “Market Burger”.

Cumulus Inc – Victoria

It is located in Flinders Lane in the art and fashion district of Melbourne. The restaurant offers classic and light breakfast options. You can choose between organic and non-organic menus.

Top Paddock – Victoria

Offer unique dishes and well-styled vicinity. Never miss trying the sweet ricotta hotcakes and the manchego on toast.

White Elephant Beach Café – Western Australia

This place is a popular beach spot for both local and travelers alike. It is located nearby Gnarabup Beach. The café offers great food and coffee with a beautiful beach view.

What’s on your breakfast menu?

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