Culinary School List in Australia

/Culinary School List in Australia

Australia is widely recognised as a global hot spot in the culinary domain.

From within the metropolitan areas across this vast land to various localities scattered in between you will surely find a culinary school that meets your individual requirements.

The dynamic food scene within the country is the product of influences coming from countless impelling external culinary traditions.  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide are perfect places to study culinary arts.  Your training facility of choice will definitely assist you to achieve that formal chef education that you are striving for.  Your qualification will be held in high regard amongst industry peers.

Choosing a Culinary School

Before committing into a path that you desire to venture down, you must define your culinary dreams first.  Think wisely in regards to what your overall goal is and find the aspiration and strength that lies within to assist you to achieve it.  Do you prefer baking? Pastry making? Or perhaps a more generalist approach in the culinary field is more to your liking.  Whatever path you are decide to take, it is important to choose the culinary school that best suits your individual requirements.

Ultimately your culinary education is the absolute foundation to assist in achieving a successful and satisfying career.  It prepares you for the challenges that you may encounter when you start working in the real kitchen world as a chef.  It is important to choose a culinary school that supports you to meet your career goals not just on a short-time basis but also provides growth and maturity as your profession progresses.

There are a number of culinary campuses within Australia that offer a world class culinary art experience.  Some of the famous institutions can be found in the big cities like: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide.  There are certain key indications and hallmarks to be aware of to know if the institution is a good school or not.

Here they are:

  • The chefs / instructors should be professional minded

  • Competitive internship programs and opportunities

  • An option to travel / study abroad

  • World class state of the art learning facilities

  • Student-run restaurant operations

  • Assistance in the job finding process

  • Continued study opportunities

The above-mentioned will guide you in finding a culinary school that will sharpen your kitchen skills.  Wherever you enroll, find ways that will assist you stand out.  Open your eyes to unique food trends and never be afraid to experiment.  Dig into the bountiful array of ingredients that are available and show the world what us Australian culinarians are made of.

Top Australian Culinary Schools

We may have different reasons why we choose to attend a particular culinary school.  Some endeavor to have cooking as their profession and some just want to learn more and expand their passion and flair.  Australia is rich in different cultural influences, coming from neighboring countries.  With this in mind, Australia offers a rich culinary foundation for every aspiring chef.  Whatever our particular reason may be it is important to enroll in a culinary school that provides us with the best opportunities geared towards our own requirements.  Here is a list of the top Australian culinary schools:

Le Cordon Bleu Australia – Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne

Le Cordon Bleu is a world renowned culinary school.  It has three campuses in Australia – Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.  Le Cordon Bleu offers a passport to global careers and lifelong learning adventures.  Le Cordon Bleu culinary school is originally from Paris, France.  It reflects the original curriculum and provides a world-class culinary training, from classical French technique to traditional international cuisines and kitchen practices.  The school has a respectable reputation and a first class training program making their graduates high in demand.  Every student that studies in Le Cordon Bleu gains the foundations to not only enter into but to perform well within the industry.

Academia – Melbourne and Brisbane

The Academia School of Hospitality and Commercial Cookery is highly regarded in the field of culinary training.  They have campuses in Melbourne and Brisbane.  With all the resources at your disposal to succeed while undertaking your training program.

A detailed placement program is available for all students.  Various training programs are on offer.

Canberra Institute of Technology – Canberra

The Canberra Institute of Technology, otherwise referred to as CIT is a vocational education provider in the Australian Capital Territory.  The institute offers courses in commercial cookery, patisserie, butchery, bakery catering, kitchen management, food safety and hygiene.  CIT provides a practical experience in a real workplace and in their world class working kitchens.  They offer world class competition training and demonstrations.

CIT also offers customised training programs.  The culinary courses of CIT are for apprentices and trainees that aspire to work on the industry or, for people who are in the industry already but wish to enhance their existing skills and knowledge.

Australian College of Applied Education – Perth

At the Australian College of Applied Education in Perth they over numerous culinary related courses through their School of Culinary Arts.  In alignment with their courses they offer workplace placements.  The courses are delivered by an array of internationally experience lecturers.  The facility is equipped with fantastic resources and has been on the scene for more than 20 years.

The TAFE system in Australia remains at the forefront in regards to training countless numbers of inspiring culinarians.  They have all the aspects covered – from retail bakery to patisserie to more generalised courses.  Ryde Campus part of the Northern Sydney Institute continues to be a training facility of choice for many.  William Angliss Institute in Melbourne has been providing training and vocational education in the hospitality field for over 70 years.  To this day William Angliss remains to be the training facility of choice for many Melbournians.  TAFE South Australia with numerous campuses offers a number of courses in various forms.

The above outlined listing is in no order of preference and is by no means exhaustive.  This list will continually be expanded. What is your favourite culinary school? image thanks to franzconde

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