Cooking Safely: 4 Reasons Why You Need to Observe Basic Kitchen Safety

/Cooking Safely: 4 Reasons Why You Need to Observe Basic Kitchen Safety

Most of us will agree that cooking up the best meals is fun. However, coming up with the most delicious meals has its own hazards. There are elements in the kitchen such as knives, electrical appliances, and even bacteria in the kitchen which can pose a lot of problems for us and our loved ones. 

With that said, it is a good habit to observe and practice basic kitchen safety to avoid cross-contamination and accidents outside and inside your cooking area. As a precaution, you can follow the basic rules below to keep yourself and your family safe while working inside the heart of your home.

To Avoid Food Poisoning

Before and after preparing food for your family, it is essential to practice the do’s and don’ts of the kitchen to avoid food poisoning and contamination. Every family member should wash their hands with soap and water especially before touching their food and after arranging raw foods inside the fridge.

You should wash the kitchen countertops before and after preparing the dish. If you don’t have antibacterial spray inside your cooking area, you can use hot and soapy water to clean the counters.

Another good practice in the kitchen is to cook food thoroughly. Cooking at effective levels of heat kills off bacteria that are living in raw meat. For example, Salmonella and Campylobacter found in chicken meat can cause food poisoning if not cooked properly.

To Prevent Kitchen Fires

To prevent kitchen fires, you should remove hazardous materials near your gas range and maintain the functionality of your cooking area. You need to keep appliances clean and in good condition. When one of your kitchen devices start acting weird, you should turn it off and have it repaired or replaced.

It is essential to unplug electric appliances when not in use. Electricity keeps on counting even when kitchen devices are not turned on. Thermostats overheat, and faulty wirings are the common causes of fire breakouts inside the kitchen.

By following the manufacturer’s instruction when lighting the burner can prevent an explosion. In addition, you should never leave home while cooking a dish. If you want to go out and buy some ingredients, you should secure the area and turn off the gas stove or the oven.

To Prevent Cuts When Handling Knives

Different types and sizes of knives can cut you. Whether they’re super dull, or very sharp, knives can still cause accidents when not properly used. To prevent accidental cuts, you should slice away from your body and never use your palm as a makeshift cutting board.

When mincing spices, you should keep the tip of the knife on the chopping board and drive the handle up and down quickly. Moreover, never slice ingredients and other things with freehand over the sink, you’re just inviting an accident to happen.

When handling or turning over knives, never point the tip to a person. Handle the knife by pointing it downwards with the sharp part away from the receiver’s palm. Carefully place the handle of the knife to other person’s grip and let go until they have a good grip on it.

To Avoid Getting Kitchen Burns

Everyone in the kitchen can be prone to burns especially when frying or baking. However, you can prevent it by using safety oven mitts when removing things from the stove, or taking the tray out of the oven. If you don’t want to get steam burns, you should stand back from a hot frying pan when you remove the lid.

You need to be extra careful when pouring hot liquids or draining boiling pasta. A splash of boiling soup, boiling water, or hot oil can burn you. You should also stand a few feet away from the pan and keep your distance from hot oil when frying.

When air bubbles in oil pop, it can send bits of hot oil out of the pan, and it can possibly hit your face, hand, arm, or clothes that causes burns. When a fire is caused by oil and water, don’t pour water to extinguish it, it’ll only cause the fire to spread uncontrollably. Instead, you should place a damp rag and try to snuff out the fire.


You can do a lot of things to prevent accidents inside your kitchen. Following the tips above can help you prepare clean and healthy meals for your family. Doing the safety basics when cooking is better than enduring the pain of cuts and burns, or seeking the help of firefighters in case your kitchen is on fire. Aside from the basic rules of kitchen safety mentioned, kitchen design is also a factor to have safe and functional cooking experience. You can get help from the pros or check sites like:

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