Coffee Addiction – Is Yours Out of Hand?

/Coffee Addiction – Is Yours Out of Hand?

Coffee addiction:

Coffee always seems to deliver what we want, whether it is being alert after a sleepless night, getting through a hectic day at work. We rely too much on coffee, and the day comes when we can no longer run away from it. Many of us need a daily dose of coffee in our systems to be able to perform.

We consume from one cup of coffee until we lose count on how many cups we have had to drink each day. Coffee addiction is far beyond its taste and aroma. Coffee contains caffeine that is the main reason people become addicted to it. Coffee stimulates the release of certain properties that produces euphoria and a pleasant feeling of happiness. The presence of caffeine in coffee is the number one reason people get addicted to it. It is no wonder why caffeine is the most consumed psychoactive substance.

Coffee addicts try to walk away from coffee to have a healthier lifestyle, but it has a bad effect on their system. Giving up coffee is hard and sometimes you need professional guidance to be able to do so. If you’re still in denial that you have a coffee addiction here are the typical signs you need to watch out:

You start your day with coffee

It seems like coffee is the only reason you get up from the bed. You want to taste it and smell its addicting aroma. You feel so truncated until you get a sip of it.

One cup is never enough

For several people, one cup of coffee is enough for an entire day, but for those that have an addiction, one cup is never sufficient. They crave for coffee throughout the day. They want more and more, and they prefer it stronger as well.

Coffee solves your problems

You can’t think well if you still haven’t got a dosage of your favourite coffee. You’re grumpy and mad but once you get a sip of it, you think well and eventually solve your problem. Especially when using a manual espresso machine that is heaven for you, and it renews your faith in humanity.

You go crazy if you run out of coffee

It’s an immense problem once you run out of coffee in your house. You feel so sad and frantic. You would rather drink a bad coffee than no coffee at all. The taste doesn’t matter so much anymore.

You’ve lost track on how many cups you’ve had

By 4pm, you have consumed numerous cups and have lost count. You just keep drinking coffee as if there’s no tomorrow.

Getting a headache

Something is missing, and something seems wrong when you haven’t got a sip of coffee. At noontime if you still haven’t got a sip you develop a terrible headache and will eventually go away after you drink coffee.

Quitting is the worst day

You’ve attempted to quit coffee; you’ve worked so hard, but it just makes you feel like it’s the worst day of your life.

You’re aware how addicted you are

You keep talking about coffee; you are so sweet towards barista, and you love your friends who love coffee too. You can’t stop yourself from drinking, thinking and talking about coffee all the time.

Are you addicted?

As chefs working in a busy catering company, we consume a lot of coffee each day, I can definitely say we have a coffee addiction!

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