The Wonder of the Christmas Pudding

/The Wonder of the Christmas Pudding

It’s our favourite time of the year once again and everyone is busy buying gifts and preparing foods for Christmas. One of the highlights during Christmas dinner is the traditional pudding or plum pudding. Puddings contain different kinds of dried fruits mixed together with egg, suet and countless other ingredients.

They contain certain levels of alcohol which extends the shelf life as well as allowing flavours to develop.  It’s quite dark in colour due to the extened cooking time and dark sugar content. Many families have their own traditional Christmas pudding recipes and pass it on through the generations. But with the popularity of this traditional and classical food a lot of ready to purchase puddings are available in the market place.

Traditional Christmas puddings have evolved as time passes by; and until today it remains as the star dessert of the Australian Christmas dinner. Everyone is looking forward to enjoy this traditional Christmas dessert.

Different Pudding Variations

Deep Fried Christmas Pudding

The Simpsons Fish and Chip shop in the UK takes an unusual and controversial step for the traditional Christmas pudding. Four chunks of Christmas pudding are lightly battered and deep fried until crisp and caramelized; served with Brandy butter or vanilla ice cream. Could be well worth looking out for if you are searching for a way to enjoy a unique variation of this well-loved pudding.

Beer Flavoured Dark Christmas Pudding

Beer is regularly a favourite among many Australians and it is no wonder that a traditional Christmas pudding flavoured with beer has been created. Sounds very interesting and amusing at the same time. Dark Christmas pudding is made with mixed dried fruit, cinnamon quills, orange peel and dried ginger. Christmas is a season to be happy and eating a pudding flavoured with beer could certainly be something to celebrate with.

Nigella’s Christmas Pudding (Sticky Pudding)

Traditional puddings are known to be dry and heavy and Nigella Lawson has developed something not so traditional and is different than the customary Queen of Christmas which is the pudding. She never uses dried fruits but she does soak it with Pedro Ximenez sherry. The fruits are now moist and sticky making the pudding melt lightly. In this season of festivity, a new way to recreate the traditional Christmas pudding will assist everyone to feel festive and surprised.

Traditional Christmas Pudding with Carrots

Christmas puddings are family recipe traditions that are passed down through the generations. It is very popular practice here in Australia. Back in the good old days, not all people could afford dried fruits so they used carrots to add sweetness and bulk out the pudding. Carrot pudding is moister compared to most of the other fruit puddings and it’s very flavourful and sweet. The carrots blend well with the fruits and you can never tell there is a vegetable on it. It is healthy as well as being delicious.

Swedish Christmas Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is a well-loved traditional dessert in Sweden. It is often referred to as “grut” among the Swedes. This sweet creamy dessert is perfect for that special occasion. Garnish the rice pudding with cinnamon sticks and plant one almond inside. Tradition says whoever finds the almond will get married.

What is your favourite Christmas pudding?

Image thanks to Ash Berlin

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