Cheese Curds and Broccoli – leaves you licking your finger!

/Cheese Curds and Broccoli – leaves you licking your finger!

Cheese curds have something extremely entertaining, and it makes everything taste better – including broccoli. Cheese curds are moist pieces of curdled cheese, also known as squeaky cheese and it tastes incredible. Though availability in Australia of these little squeaky delicacy was scarce in the past, nowadays you can buy fresh cheese curds in Australia online as well – bulk or in retail. Mostly popular in Canada and now making the world fall in love with, Poutine, is one of the exquisite dishes made out of cheese curds. I love cheese curds, and so does my kids. And broccoli is something that my kids don’t adore, so I just thought of cooking these together assuming that they will like it and guess what, my kids loved it. Want to give it a go?

Here’s the recipe to get cheese curds and broccoli together effortlessly without too many ingredients.


Butter                        2 tablespoon

Garlic         1 clove

Oil                              2 tablespoon or spray

Lemon                      ½ Lemon

Broccoli                    2 Cups

Salt & Pepper          to taste

Cheese Curds          1 Cups


1)    Rinse and cut broccoli – remove woody stems.

2)    Cut up any large pieces of cheese curds.

3)    Preheat oven to 375°.

4)    Spray some oil in baking dish and set aside.

5)    Take a large skillet and place in on medium heat.

6)    Add butter, lemon zest and garlic.

7)    When the butter melts and the aroma surround you, add about ¼ cups of the water and let it boil.

8)    Add broccoli and cook for about 3 minutes.

9)    Season the broccoli with salt and pepper.

10)     Take the oiled baking dish and place a layer of broccoli in baking dish.

11)     Add cheese curds in the second layer.

12)     Add the remaining broccoli.

13)     Finally, top with some more cheese curds.

14)     Bake for about 10 minutes, until the cheese melts.

15)     Serve while it’s hot.

Quick Tips:

1)    While buying broccoli, choose those with a uniform green colour avoiding the one with yellow or brown spots.

2)    Cut the florets into medium size, so that it doesn’t take forever to cook.

3)    Buy fresh cheese curds with a squeak.

4)    Don’t overcook the broccoli while steaming.

5)    You can replace oil with butter in step #4.

6)    If you want, you can cut those stems in small coin-sized pieces and add it while steaming.

About the Author:

Rosemary Kobe is a housewife who loves to play with her two-little twin-toddlers at home, read everything that comes her way related to gastronomy and is an amateur cook that devotes most of her time to cooking a range of dishes for her family and friends to try.

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