Celebrate Australia Day in Style

/Celebrate Australia Day in Style

Australia Day is the official national day of our beloved Australia.  As we are all well aware January 26 is the special day.  It’s the day where we as Australians reflect on what we have achieved and how proud we are of our great nation.  It is the biggest and grandest public holiday in the entire country.  There is no hard and fast rule on how to celebrate this special day, but it could be said that it may be an idea to celebrate it in style and enjoy an action packed day with family and friends alike.  Many Australians may not do anything in particular on this day; they may just take a break from their hectic work schedule and chill out and enjoy a barbeque.

The best time to visit the country is during this period of the year.  Plenty of celebrations and fun activities are enjoyed in all parts of the country.  In Melbourne, some people choose to gather at beaches to witness and enjoy fun water activities, some head to the countryside, some go to the park whilst others may prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home.   Community breakfasts, sporting events, concerts and parades are all part of the celebrations in one way or another.  One of the key highlights in every festival is the fireworks display – everyone enjoys it no matter the age group – they are geared towards the young and the young at heart.

What to Wear on Australia Day?

Australia Day is a public holiday and it is day to be relaxed and dressed accordingly.  This day is a social event and an excellent opportunity to wear a fun outfit while enjoying time with your family and mates.

Since its summertime there will be barbeques all around, be sure to have sun accessories to cover you up.  Shades, hats and sunscreen are all essential items to keep you protected from the sun.  Wear clothes that are simple and a little casual or if you want to keep the summer vibe, find a comfortable, breezy and beachy outfit and take a dip into the warm water.  Whatever you wear as long as you’re contented with it then your good to go and enjoy this relaxed occasion.

Hot Tip:  Buy a zip lock pouch and bring it along with you.  Zip lock your phones, shades and wallet.  It’s always a good idea to keep your things dry, safe and sand free at the beach, pool, parks or wherever you plan to celebrate Australia Day.

Food and Drinks

With the warm weather during Australia Day, most of us prefer to celebrate it outdoors.  Barbecue is generally the preferred cooking approach to take during this occasion, be sure to have your prawn skewers and lamb chops close at hand.  Fancy sausages and fillet steaks are among the favourite’s too.  No one will say no to sweet treats like the classic Aussie favourite’s such as lamingtons, vanilla slices or Anzac biscuits.  To make the day complete be sure to add your favourite drinks to the mix.

How to Celebrate Australia Day?

Australia Day is the day to celebrate whatever accomplishments we achieved in our lives.  It’s the day that we tell the world how proud we are of our great nation.

Here are a number of ideas of how to celebrate Australia Day in style:

  1. Don’t Celebrate Australia Day on Your Own

This day is perfect to go out and have fun with your friends or family.  Go out and enjoy it together with other people.  Attend official events like concerts, fireworks display and parades.  Blend with the locals and attend a local event like a regatta, sausage sizzle or other community events.  Go out and have a party either at your local hospitality venue of choice, pool or beach. Enjoy and celebrate it with others.

  1. Be Proud and Out

Since Australia Day celebration has no rules, dress up and go out.  Have your face painted, get a temporary tattoo and wear anything from classy to trashy.

  1. Watch the Fireworks

Australia Day is celebrated all throughout our vast land.  You will find firework displays in many cities and towns – surely you will not have to travel too far to partake.  Grab a blanket, bring your picnic basket and load it with your favourite foods and drinks and find a spot to bunker down and enjoy the fireworks display and associated activities.

  1. Make Australian Food

Australia day food is uniquely delicious during this particular occasion; it is the perfect day to indulge with our all-time favourite Aussie foods.  Have a feast on Anzac biscuits, lamingtons, prawns and meat pies.  Get your creative juices flowing and make a cake in the shape of a koala or the Australian flag.

Do Charity Work

Donate funds to local charity no matter how big or small it is.  Give some gifts like crafts and foods to others.  This is the perfect day to share what you have among others.

Reasons to Participate in Australia Day Activities

If you’re a tourist and wanting to visit the beautiful land of Australia, this is the best season to do so.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. We celebrate Australia Day in many ways, but its’ regarded as a relaxed day with family and mates. Plenty of activities to do like picnics and barbecues, outings to the beach or park or attending an Australia Day event.
  2. Australia Day falls in summer, with the warm weather everyone can enjoy numerous outdoor activities day and night.
  3. The best day to become an Australian citizen is during this day. Citizenship ceremonies are held around the country at a range of community events.

Why is it Important to Celebrate Australia Day?

Australia Day is not just an ordinary holiday – it is a celebration of being an Aussie and it is the perfect day to hang out with your mates.  Some may find it as a silly traditional party; however at the end of the day – it is our day.

What do you have planned for this coming Australia Day?

images thanks to Jes & Vincent

For a full list of activities in each state visit Australiaday.org a comprehensive site by the Australian Government

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