Deliciously Vegan

This day and age a lot of people are turning to vegetarianism. They have various reasons in regards to why they prefer to be a vegetarian. Some want to live a healthier life, some want to do something for mother nature and for some generally have a love of animals and can’t take eating them.

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Avocados Are Back In Town

Avacado varieties

Avocado is a tree native from Mexico and Central America. They have green skin, fleshy body, and they ripen after harvesting. Its name is derived from the Aztec word ‘ahuacatl’. Avocados can be propagated by seeds and it may take four to six years before it bear fruits. The tree can grow up to 20 metres high and the pear shaped fruits may weigh from 200 grams over a kilogram depend on its variety.

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Vegetable Burgers

Vegetable Burger

The best ever Vegetable Burger recipe, these are great to serve with a nice table salad, they are effortless to make and will please even most enthusiastic vegetarian. These Macro burgers can be found on our gourmet bbq catering menus. When making the vegetable burgers, test a small piece and make sure you are happy with the seasoning and binding before forming them all. They are great option for lunch & dinner.

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