The Food Trucks are on a Roll

So just what is a food truck anyway?  Basically a food truck is a specially designed / modified vehicle that is fully equipped to cook and sell food.  The first food trucks to hit the road all those years ago commonly sold ice cream, hamburgers, sandwiches, French fries and other processed and fast food items.  In this day and age most food trucks are offering gourmet cuisines and numerous varieties of specialty and exotic dishes.

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Melbourne – Food, Art and Tours

Melbourne Food Tours

It is no secret that Melbourne is held in high regard on the world stage for its dynamic food and art scene – add a tour or two into the mix and you could very well be in seventh heaven.  Having been awarded the prestigious “The World’s Most Liveable City” for five consecutive years; Melbourne is a gem.  That particular award takes certain aspects into consideration including – education, entertainment, health care, tourism and sport as well as research and development.  In addition to that accreditation Melbourne is recognized by UNESCO as a city of literature and major centre for street art, music and theatre.  People come from far and near to live comfortably in this beautiful city.  The city is filled with amazing talents, great foods and magnificent artworks.  Experiencing Melbourne is truly beyond amazing.

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It’s All about Sausages

Melbourne's Best Sausages

Sausages are generally made of finely processed meat and housed in some type of skin casing. Certain versions of sausages are cooked while processing and others are raw. Sausages are preserved by means of curing, drying and smoking. According to history, they are one of the oldest prepared food items. Today, many nations have different varieties of sausages using their traditional and native ingredients. Here in Australia, sausages are usually made with beef, pork, and chicken meat and in recent times, some manufacturers have begun using kangaroo meat for it has lower fat content.

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