Game meats in Australia


Game meats, the hunting of animals for food in Australia dates back thousands of years with the Aboriginals.

In their time, they had a wealth of wild animals to hunt with even some very ingenious methods to get their food from boomerangs to the throwing stick and fire,

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Squab, Polenta & Parmesan

Squab with polenta and parmesan

Squab also known as Pigeon is not the easiest bird to find, the best place I would recommend to start looking for this great meat is at the Vic Market in Melbourne! Cooking tips, cook the pigeon like a quail, quickly and in a hot pan, allow the bird to rest for around 2 minutes after cooking. If your at the Market see if you can get your hand’s on any fresh truffles or truffle oil – this will soak into your polenta and really pack a punch to the dish! don’t go over board.

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