Cafes in Fremantle Australia


Aussies love good coffee and likewise they love a good coffee  & tea spot. All over Australia in many cities and towns you will find an array of cafes and lunch spots for a small bite to eat. Choosing the best one to satiate your caffeinated craving, especially when one is low on such a mind-fuel can be tricky. To help you out and find your way, here are the best cafes if you are around the Fremantle area.

Juicy Beetroot Cafe

Name alone, how could you not want to check this little cafe out?   You can get all the goodies here and fresh veg, bread, salads, sandwiches and more and it is all made fresh with local ingredients with most of the stuff made in house. The locals love the place for more than just the spot for a cuppa. Located a little back around the way on Tum Tum Tree Lane.

Lenny the Ox

A great place known by the locals of cafes in Fremantle for a good strong cup of coffee and a place many locals return to on a regular basis. Everything is fresh and the menu is creative and even vegan friendly. Try their bread and if you are in Fremantle for a few days, be sure to go back and get the pancakes the next time you pop in.


Located on Collie Street, the cafe was converted from a home whose foundation was quite possibly laid by convicts. The courtyard is such a sanctuary that you forget that you are just a few meters from the street. If you are looking for a hearty breakfast with a twist on the traditionals brekkie items, this is your spot. How about buttermilk and ricotta hotcakes with spiced-orange syrup? Have the Billy’s Big Breakfast with mushrooms and herbs, grilled tomato, pork-fennel chipolatas, finished with a side of eggs, bacon and toast. The prices are reasonable for such amazing food and very friendly staff– a delicious spot in every way.

Blink Coffee Bar

Don’t blink or you might actually miss this place, it is that small, but it is known for the best coffee in Fremantle. It is a simple little place, but just the right size to cozy up at a table to warm your belly and awaken your senses for the day ahead with your favorite coffee.

The Attic Fremantle

It is cozy and with great finger food and good coffee on a quiet street and a the perfect spot just before all the shops and busy markets from the beach. Get the homemade banana bread with your coffee and settle in on their couch with a friend for a nice morning chat. If you are in for luch, there are fresh salads and freshly baked cakes made each day. If it is a hot day, try the green chai iced tea.

Other Favourites include

The Raw Kitchen, Cafe Lumos, Il Cibo & The Black Truffle



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