The Beauty and Wonders of King Island

/The Beauty and Wonders of King Island

King Island

King Island is located in the Tasmanian waters and is one of the most visited retreat islands in the country. The island has a population of over 1,700 permanent residents.  King Island has around 145 km’s of coastline and a vast and unusual variety of seabirds and wildlife. The Island s situated on the northern tip of Tasmania, and utilises renewable hydro energy that doesn’t rely on Victoria and Tasmania for its supply.

The island has an impressive reputation for its excellent quality of food products, from the north to south of the island it is scattered with beef and dairy farms among others.  King Island also has a thriving fishing industry. Predominantly the seafood products available are lobster, oysters, abalone and king crab.

King Island Food Production

King Island has an outstanding reputation for their food products; like their delectable dairy products such as King Island cheeses and creams.  The grass-fed beef industry is also one of the best and Australia’s leading beef brand. The fresh seafood within the islands waters are of a world class quality second to none.King Island Seafood


King Island is known for its succulent seafood especially the Sea Elephant oysters that can be found in then Sea Elephant River.  You can watch the fresh oysters split into two right before your very eyes and indulge  them straight away the Oysters are fresh and delicious and they are loaded with essential nutrients

Giant Crabs

Giant crabs are one of the resident seafood on the island.  Giant crabs range from 2.8 kg up to 8 kg each.  They are not always available all year long and availability may depend on the weather conditions.  Harvesting giant crabs is seasonal as it is protected by a quota system to ensure that a healthy breeding stock remains.

King Island Beef

King Island is not just famous for their fresh seafood and growing tourism industry, King Island beef is world class on its own merits.  The island has a clean, natural and unspoiled environment that is perfect to raise cattle that produces a tender, juicy and full flavoured meat product.  The King Island beef brand has the best brand identity in the entirety of Australia and has gained an excellent reputation on the world stage.

King Island Dairy

The King Island Dairy is renowned on a global scale for the superb products that they produce especially the excellent range of cheese.


King Island is a “thriving little community” and the local people are laid back with a relaxed chilled out vibe.  It is a place where everyone knows each other and finding a place to eat out is not a problem at all.  There are times when restaurateurs, chefs, baristas and staffs like to get a little closer to the beach and have been known to set up a table or two nearer to the oceanfront.  Here are some of the most admired restaurants in King Island:

Boomerang by the Sea is located in the township of Currie.  It overlooks the Link Golf Course.  The venue is nestled among the tranquil rugged coastline.  You will enjoy a small walk towards the sporting facilities that are close at hand.

The restaurant is known as the finest in the entire King Island.  It offers the best and freshest seafood, cheese, beef and wine with spectacular ocean views to match.  The restaurant is open for dinner from Monday to Saturday – lunches and private functions can be arranged as required.

Old Admiral Benbow Restaurant; located within the King Island Golf and Bowls Club offers the best seasonal ingredients that King Island has available.  The menu regularly evolves as the local produce changes.  You can taste the flavour of the island on just one plate.  The restaurant offers the best local produce such as beef, lamb, cheese, cream, fish, fruits and vegetables.

King Island Club, located in Currie is open 7 days a week and caters for all occasions.  The staff are very friendly and welcoming to the guests for a meal and a liquid refreshment.  King Island Club is a bar and bistro that offers the best seafood and beef in the local area.

King Island Bed and Breakfast

Is not only a food lover’s paradise, it is also a fun place to stay, here are some of the well liked accommodation options on the island:

Green Ponds is known as the ideal “home away from home”.  They have two accommodation options – The Guesthouse and The Cottage.  Located in the centre of Currie; Green Ponds is a great place to relax and enjoy what the area has to offer.

Island Breeze Motel is located at the west coast of the Island.  The facilities have recently undergone refurbishment.  Island Breeze Motel is ideal for business travelers and tourists alike.  Various activity packages are on offer; including golf and gourmet.

King Island Scenic Retreat is a family owned establishment and is located on the eastern side of King Island in an area called Naracoopa.  The establishment is known for its magnificent ocean views.  With a private beach, vegetable gardens, orchard, various flora and fauna, among other items at your fingertips you will have an abundance of activities to keep you amused and entertained.

An onsite café serving cakes, pastries and simple snacks is available.  The venue is also available for functions; including weddings and birthday celebrations.

Are you planning a visit to King Island?  King Island Long Table; the islands premiere “paddock to plate” experience could very well be worth a visit – the next event will be held from 1st – 3rd April 2016.

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