Australia Day is More Than Prawns and Lamb

Australia Day is More Than Prawns and Lamb

Australia Day, the 26th day of January is on the doorstep, and it’s more than just a public holiday. There are plenty of festivities during Australia Day and a lot of events, happenings, and parties to celebrate being Australian. Australia Day is a celebration that inspires us and makes us proud to be an Aussie.

We celebrate our national day mostly outdoors, enjoying the warm summer and the heat cast upon us by the exquisite sun. It is a perfect day to enjoy a sumptuous meal with family and friends. As an Australian, we enjoy eating barbecues whether its prawns, lamb, beef, fish, pork, chicken and even some vegetables among other items. You can never go wrong with a barbecue; almost everyone loves it, and it’s simple and easy to prepare. But it’s Australia Day it’s not just an ordinary day. We need to expand our barbecue menu offerings and forget the regular barbecue. It is time to prepare a special barbecue for an extraordinarily special day.

Here are some Barbecue packages available from G’Day Chef:

Gourmet BBQ Package 1

150g Grilled Eye Fillet, French Mustard, Spiced Chicken Paillard with Parsley Butter, Roast Potatoes, Olive Oil, Rosemary and Garlic, Salami, Curry Spices, Baby Tomato and Pasta Salad

Lentil, Persian Fetta, Beetroot & Roquette Salad, Black Forest Cake with Kirch

These delicious gourmet BBQ packages will undoubtedly make your Australia Day celebration more memorable. All the dishes will make your palate wanting more and more.

Gourmet BBQ Package 2

150g Grilled Eye Fillet, French Mustard, Barbecued King Prawns with Garlic Butter, Double Victorian Lamb Cutlets and Ratatouille

Grilled Field Mushrooms, Truffle, Chilli, Olive Oil, Classic Table Salad, Bread and Condiments, Individual Orange, Strawberry and Custard Trifle

One way, to enjoy Australia Day, is to indulge yourself with pleasant and delicious foods. You can never go wrong with seafoods, salads and a selection of liquid refreshments. This BBQ package

will make the celebration more memorable.

Gourmet BBQ Package 3

Pork & Fennel Sausages, Charcoal Ribs with Spiced Marinade, Harissa Ocean Trout, Fresh Lemon, Classic Table Salad, Bread and Condiments

Apple Tart, Vanilla Bean Ice cream & Caramel,

The most typical Australia Day BBQ food item are without a doubt sausages. There is something distinct about them that makes everyone want to eat them especially during this particular occasion.

Gourmet BBQ Package 4

Charcoal Barramundi with Lemon, Grilled King Island Rump Steak, Blackened Duck Breasts with Five Spices, Roast Kipfler Potatoes, Pink Salt & Rosemary

Grilled Asparagus Salad, Egg & Parmesan

One thing, that makes us unique in Australia, is our food and barramundi are a real Australian delicacy. It is a perfect item to include as part of a special celebration.

Vegetarian Items

G’Day Chef Macro Burgers, Ripe Tomato, Basil & Bocconcini Salad, Lentil & Grain Salad, Cucumber, Coriander & Pomegranate, French Table Salad

These delectable vegetarian options will make everyone crave; even the non-vegetarians will be in their element. Who says you miss out on having a culinary experience if you only eat vegetables?

To order any of the above-mentioned items or to discuss your dining requirements in further details, please contact us.


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