Advanced Asian – A Hot Food Trend

/Advanced Asian – A Hot Food Trend

Are you a fan of all things Asian? If so you will love the Advanced Asian trend that is taking the food industry by storm. Advanced Asian pretty much encompasses all the foods you already like. This includes Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese as well as Filipino food.

If you are the types of foodies who loves food that are truly authentic, you will certainly appreciate this new trend. According to Sterling Rice Group, its time the world prepares for Asian food that is very complex and authentic to the region. Hipster Asian and fusion is now a thing of the past. These days it’s all about the spices and the authentic taste that goes far beyond friendly and sweet.

Some of the foods that fall into this category include Filipino foods, Japanese Okonomiyaki pancakes, and Northern Issan Thai. These foods are already a hot commodity in various restaurants across the land.

Its safe to say the Filipino Lumpia rice rolls will soon be the number one option on lunch menus all across the country. Lumpia, often referred to as spring rolls, is a traditional Filipino food that resembles an egg roll. While there are quite a few variations of this type of dish, almost all of them come nicely wrapped in a pastry wrapper and filled with meat and vegetables. You will find some of the best spring rolls in the world far from Manila.

If you want to try your hand at making your own Filipino Lumpia rice rolls, a quick online search will surely dig up countless variations for you to try. They are pretty simple to make and should take you no longer than an hour to prepare.

When it comes to the new Thai, you won’t find the noodle dishes and stir fries that often make up Australianised Thai. Instead you will indulge in dried spices. Isaan Thai on the other hand will closely resemble the type of food that is eaten in countries such as Laos and Cambodia.

At the top of the new Thai list is Som Tum. This salad is considered iconic in the Isaan region. It is made with long beans, tomatoes, shredded green papaya, garlic and a host of vegetables. You will top it all off with the signature lime juice dressing.

Since it will be a true authentic Isaan Som Tum, expect the taste to be funky rather than sweet. This is thanks to the fermented fish sauce or salted crab that you can add in.

Last but not least we will talk about the Japanese Okonomiyaki pancakes. In Japanese this means “grilled as you like it”. In Japan it is served as a fast food and is often referred to as Japanese Pizza. It is made using cabbage as the base, ginger and morsels of tempura batter, egg and dough with spring onions and Okonomi-yakis’.

For an excellent Japanese Okonomiyaki pancake recipe look out for the recipe by the head chef of Europe’s only Okonomi-yaki restaurant, Abeno.

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