6 Professional before and after party cleaning tips

/6 Professional before and after party cleaning tips

It’s fun to organize parties from time to time. However, it’s not just the configuration that weighs you down. After all this fun, you have to deal with all the chaos. You can see a variety of spots and dirt after a nice party. One of the most abusive areas is the carpet. In addition to the growing number of shoes that prove it, the carpet also accumulates many stains of food and spilled drinks. You can imagine with any confusion that you have to fight.

The main rule of dirt and stains is to eliminate them immediately. If you delay the process, the fibers of the carpet absorb spills, which makes cleaning very difficult. Whatever the situation, it is best to clean the spilled material while it is still fresh.

But do not worry because there is always a solution to every problem. For any rug, there is always a way to remove it without damaging the carpet. Here are some cleaning tips via Simplymaid before or after party:

Access the mess

Take a look at the entire area of the carpet and discover which areas have more spots. Then, you must also specify the type of points in each area. In this way, you can plan how to clean and dry the carpet or floor.

Immediately Pick Up or Scoop Up the Spilled Item

Regardless of whether it is liquid or solid, it is important to collect or absorb as much material as possible, so as not to aggravate the problem. If you are dealing with liquid foods or drinks, take a clean sponge and suck as much liquid as possible. Carefully pick up loose particles with your hands when solid food is spilled.

Run a vacuum

Before starting, empty the vacuum bag and drag it completely through the carpet. As a result, the first small spots and dirt between the materials are removed. It also helps you identify the sites that require more attention.

Preparation of the cleaning solution

If you do not have a carpet cleaning solution, you can find a solution. Elizabeth has shared an idea to her blog The Home Makers Journal, “Just mix some cleaning powder and water. Make sure that the cleaning agent used is not too strong and look for a cleaning agent that does not damage the color to avoid damaging the carpet.”

Apply the solution and rub

Once the cleaning solution is obtained, it can be applied with a cloth. Dip the cloth in its solution and place it in the carpeted areas. Leave it for a few minutes, then lift the stains with the carpet brush. Rinse with a towel. You can repeat the whole step until the point is sharp and sharp.

Run the vacuum again

After removing all stains, allow the carpet to dry and then turn the vacuum on again after drying to make sure all lint and debris have been removed. So, your carpet will look clean, and you will be ready to organize another great party.

You can also speed up the drying of the cleaned-up stain on your carpet using a hairdryer. While blowing the place with hot air, wipe the area with a towel to allow the fibers of the carpet to stand.

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