6 Foods You Need To Try

/6 Foods You Need To Try

The world is full of delicious dishes. Today we have dared to select the 6 meals that you have to try before dying, with the difficulty that comes with it. They are so many and so equally spectacular that the task has been complicated.

This list of 6 foods that you have to try before dying is very personal and is based on our own experiences and tastes. Therefore, we would love to receive your contributions and read about the foods that are at the top of your lists. Do not be shy, encourage us to write, and we will all win with your recommendations. Meanwhile, let’s go with ours.

The Mexican Mole

The mole most known in Mexico is the poblano, considered by many as the mole par excellence and specialty of the city of Puebla, but is also in Xiqueño, almond, Prieto, cheese, stained tablecloths, among others. It is served with chicken, and it is customary to accompany it with rice.

The Indian thali

Indian cuisine, one of the most charismatic in the world, is slowly being introduced in Spain to the delight of its fans. Among all its elaborations, there is a dish that brings together many of them: the thali. Typical of the Kerala region, it is served in banana leaf, with lots of rice and paratha or papadam bread, surrounded by sauces and other foods. Among the list are banana chips, pickled mango sauce, curry, ginger. Yogurt sauce and unique combinations such as sambar, a lentil or olan squash.

Japanese sushi

The most mythical dish in Japan is a must to taste, at least once in a lifetime. For those who are not yet sufficiently immersed in Japanese cuisine, if there is any left around, sushi is small portions of rice wrapped, or not, in the same food or seaweed and stuffed or topped with vegetables, fish or seafood. Among the many variations of sushi, the most popular are nigiri sushi, maki sushi, gunkan sushi, California roll, etc. These delicate bites are accompanied by soy sauce, wasabi, and other pickles.

The mezzé of the Middle East and the Mediterranean

Mezzé is not a dish, but an old way of eating typical of the Middle East or other Mediterranean countries that consists of serving a wide variety of delicacies at the same time (in the style of our country’s tapas). There is no single mezze because it depends on the state, region, or even local in which we find ourselves. Labné, baba ganoush, hummus, muhammara, tabulé, dolmas, samosas and a long etcetera of elaborations come together in a show of color, texture, and flavor to which it is impossible to resist.

The cevapcici of the Balkans

The cevapcici is a delicious traditional made with a base of minced meat. Depending on the area, the type of meat varies from pork, lamb, veal, or a combination of these. The meat is seasoned with chopped onion and garlic, it is given an elongated shape, and it is passed through the grill, boiled in water or fried. They are served as a filling of homemade flatbread, as a sandwich, and accompanied by ajvar, a tasty sauce of red pepper, eggplant, garlic and olive oil that elevates these small bites to the category of five forks.

The Chinese dim sum

It is a style of Chinese food, which consists of small bites traditionally served in small bamboo baskets or small plates, depending on the type. The traditional dim sum includes a variety of steamed buns, stuffed with meat, seafood or vegetables. As with the mezé, it is reasonable to share different dishes among all the diners, and so everyone can try a variety of different flavors and types.

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