5 Best Cooking Classes in Bali

/5 Best Cooking Classes in Bali

5 Best Cooking Classes in Bali

There’s much more to Bali than its pristine, white-sand beaches, beachside warungs, famous surf breaks, spectacular sunsets, ancient temples, and beachfront villas. Whether you’re staying in a villa in Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu, or serene Tabanan, or a luxury boutique hotel, you’re never far from having unexpected adventures in Bali.

Water sports like snorkelling and paddle boarding aside, there’s another up and coming activity that visitors to Bali seem to be interested in of late. This would be the art of culinary expertise or learning the right skills required to prepare decadent, mouth-watering and visually appealing Indonesian delicacies. From chicken sate (satay) to Bebek Goreng, these classes teach you to cook the best and most-loved dishes from across Indonesia so that you can take home a piece of the island with you!

An experience you wouldn’t want to miss, here’s a curated list (in no particular order) of  5 best cooking classes held in Bali:

Iboe Soelastri – Hotel Tugu Bali

Held at Hotel Tugu Bali located in coastal Canggu, Iboe Soelastri’s cooking classes are revered among many as she is a veteran in her field and extends an immersive and extraordinary cooking experience to her students. Beginning from a visit to the local Balinese market, i.e. Badung Market where you can source fresh ingredients for your upcoming feast. Her kitchen is unlike the ones you’ll see at a five-star hotel; with mortar and pestle to crush garlic or chilli and earthen pits and terracotta vats for cooking. After learning how to best preserve the flavour of each ingredient, relish your delicious meal in Wantilan Agung.

bali chicken dish

Credit: amrufm on Flickr

Casa Luna Cooking School

Much more than merely a cooking class, the famed Casa Luna Cooking School led by Janet de Neefe holds excellent classes for keen travellers to learn about the rich customs and traditions associated with each ingredient used in ceremonial Balinese cooking along with their individual healing properties. The sessions involve learning and then putting it to good use to prepare a scrumptious and meaningful feast for everyone to enjoy. Also, as an accompaniment to this beautiful spread, you are even invited to sip on some soothing and tart hibiscus tea.


Credit: Isabel Sommerfeld on Flickr

Anika Bali Cooking Class

Get ready to prepare a complete, ten-course meal at the Anika Bali Cooking Class in Kuta with a thorough walkthrough of each spice and herb as used in Indonesian cooking. Learn to make dishes like satay, grilled fish, or even soft and sweet rice pudding. The classes are held in the morning and afternoons so you can pick whichever suits you the most. The morning classes have an additional feature wherein you’re taken to the local market for an extensive and educational tour of the traditional market-ways.

satah chicken

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Paon Bali Cooking Class

Paon Bali is a well-equipped and fully-functional community village kitchen. Amid the beautiful rice fields of Ubud, the cooking classes offered at Paon Bali are one of a kind as they offer a tour of the padi (paddy) post which you are taught how to prepare delicious Indonesian dishes from ingredients that are hand-picked at the Ubud markets.

chicken and rice

Credit: Chienchia Chien on Flickr

Bumbu Bali

The expert cooking classes held at Bumbu Bali’s DePradha restaurant are a lesson in history, culture, and tradition. Found in Ubud that is the cultural hub of Bali, the classes are definitely worth a shot. Sampling a riot of flavours, picking out the freshest ingredients at the Ubud market, and interacting with fellow chefs-in-the-making makes for a whole new experience in resplendent Bali! The expert chefs at DePradha have received their skill from Jero Kartika famed for her culinary expertise.

chicken rice

Credit: amrufm on Flickr


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