Birthday Catering Melbourne

Birthdays only come around once a year.  Sometimes they are milestones to look forward to!


or just a great day for an excuse to celebrate and throw a party.  Each year which passes should be one to remember and one to celebrate.  Birthdays come to pass marking another year that you are alive!  Celebrate it! Maybe it is a milestone birthday, a young lady’s coming of age or a young boy who has reached young adulthood.  Perhaps you simply want to celebrate the birthday of someone you care for very much, regardless of their age.

So how many people are coming to the celebration?

What age groups will be there?  Is it a special celebration for the adults or will the kiddos be there as well? You get the guest list ready first and then contact G’Day Chef. We can help you organize the menu and even the dessert, candles and all.  We can do finger food or start with delicious cocktail food and delectable bites or we can arrange a special sit-down menu to start the evening off with a dedicated toast to the honoured guest.


Tell us what you have in mind, from the location to the theme to the food.

Birthday Catering Melbourne

What is the birthday person’s favorite food or dessert?  We can surely arrange to craft something special to make their celebration that much more special and memorable.  We have a variety of menus for you to choose from all with local and in-season ingredients.  No matter the menu you choose for the birthday celebration, it is sure to be delicious and a meal your celebrated guest will remember with each passing year.


Even though your loved one who is having their birthday might not want a big fuss made of their day, it’s always nice to be surrounded and celebrate with those who are close to them.

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