You can barbecue yourself, no doubt about that

but what fun is there in standing over the grill for hours turning and rotating with sweat dripping down your face and soaking your party clothes and warming the drink in your hand opposite to the one holding the spatula?  Let someone else do it. We cater barbecues made-to-order.  You do not even have to do the shopping!  Choose from our various menus of grilled fare, burgers, cuts of meat, pork, lamb, fish and fowl.  There are grilled sides, chilled salads and barbecue season favorites all made with in-season ingredients and locally sourced.  We have desert too.  And just because you might be vegetarian, does not mean you have to miss out.  Check out our vegetarian options to add in your package.  There is plenty to feed and please everyone, even the kiddos.

So put your spatula down, take off the apron and go get yourself another drink, a cooler one, have a seat, have some laughs with your company and we will let you know when it is ready.


BBQ catering Melbourne – Where & How to?

Spring is here and it is time to dust of the barbecue if you haven’t already. The weather is warm, the days are getting longer and everyone wants to socialize. I love barbecue season. Sure, you can barbecue right in your own backyard, but it is nice to get out a bit, among the community and neighbourhoods.   In these great spots, not only do you get to know your neighbours—with a little luck your kids and theirs might get along—but you share food, you might even share recipes and you share a good time. So where can you get out and do some sharing, barbecue style?

We have done a little searching ourselves and here are some great spots.

bbq catering melbourne
Barbecue spots in Melbourne


Bundoora Park

Just fifteen kilometres north of Melbourne, the 180-hectare park is wide open with plenty of sheltered picnic areas and wood and gas barbeques. They fill up quickly on weekends though, so just roll out of bed a bit early so you can get there and grab a spot. The rustic children’s farm will keep the kiddies busy too, and while someone is manning the barbie, how about a round of golf for the adults?

Harmony Park

The gardens were redone in 2008 and it has one of the best skate parks in the area with an adventure playground so the kids can run about, ensuring an easy bedtime. Shaded barbecue areas and large benches are great for large groups.

Princes Park

This is the Central Park icon of Melbourne, stretching two kilometres from Brunswick to Carlton. It is home to the Carlton Football Club and is one of the best running/jogging spots for the weekend. If you can get past the cricketers and flying Frisbees you can get to the south side of the park where the barbeques are. If you are up for a little tennis, the courts are there, semi-barbeque side as well.

Edinburgh Gardens

Probably one of Melbourne’s most popular spots is the twenty-four hectare garden area with separate barbeque areas. Get up extra early for a spot here, as on a Sunday, it is virtually impossible to find a place. They’ve got plenty of tables and chairs scattered about, but bring a picnic rug just in case to lie out in a shady place.

Catani Gardens

If you want a little sea breeze with your barbeque, this is a nice spot, especially on the extra hot days. Catani Gardens are not big. They only sit on about six hectares, but it has access to the St. Kilda Beach just below. They are known for great open-air barbeques with the palm trees for plenty of shade.

Studley Park Boathouse and Picnic Area

Get your barbeque on away from the normally crowded spots in this lovely picnic area near the Yarra River. It is a beautiful spot with public barbeques, sheltered areas and you can go work up an appetite and rent a canoe or kayak and do some exploring.

Grants Picnic Ground

A great spot for kids, where rosellas and parrots will eat from your hand, you might need to shoo them off the picnic table though. It is located in Sherbrooke Forest of Kallista about forty kilometres east from Melbourne. It is just a touch out of the way, but it will be worth the drive with plenty of free barbecues available.

When you have worked out your location or if you are having it at home check out our bbq catering packages available


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